Finding “Tru” North Amid Chaos with Caroline Wong

Finding "Tru" North Amid Chaos with Caroline Wong

Caroline Wong, Founder of Ritual Energy
Caroline Inspires People Through Confusion and Chaos to Clarity

ORLANDO, FL – With the COVID-19 crisis in full swing, anxieties both in and out of the workplace are at an all-time high. For this reason, many are searching for stress relief in any way they can. Thankfully, Caroline Wong has the perfect remedy to help them find clarity and calm amid the chaos.

Caroline Wong is a certified 500RYT yoga instructor and hypnotherapist dedicated to helping her clients find their “true north.” She understands that being intentional with mindset is the key to successfully achieving one’s goals. Her signature program, “The Tru You,” is like a GPS for the body and soul. This program covers four specific areas that intentionally focus on what will bring better decisions, clarity, and overall well-being to her clients, guiding them towards a more meaningful, energetic, and purpose-driven life.

She offers several distinct plans both individual and corporate, with each plan priced accordingly to the client’s level of services. From there, she will help them discover the program that is best suited for them or their businesses. Her plans offer a myriad of helpful tools, including one-on-one yoga and/or hypnotherapy sessions, mindset coaching, energy advising, and more—the possibilities are endless.

Caroline wants to create both an ideal and individual experience for all of her clients. For this reason, any clients who want to request something new or special can talk about it on a free clarity call

Ultimately, she wants to give working parents access to yoga and hypnotherapy, and other beneficial wellness tools, that have changed her own life for the better. In the near future, she would like to offer these wellness tools to students so that they’re equipped with a plethora of physical and mental strategies to assist in navigating through these difficult times.

As a former teacher, she wants to ensure parents, students, and teachers alike find alignment and resilience in the workplace and learning environment. Her dream is to one day have businesses everywhere implement her methods to increase employee happiness and productivity across the globe. Health and wellness are paramount to a company’s growth and overall success.  If employees aren’t well, then the company cannot thrive at its optimum potential.  

“I’ve helped dozens of individuals find the strength to make it through a 60-minute yoga class and feel energized, find clarity in a hypnotherapy session, helping change negative thought patterns into confidence. Teaching individuals to find their inner superhero selves is priceless both on and off a yoga mat,” she says. “And not to mention, clients waking up daily knowing they’ve got everything under control is the cherry on top.”

She wants potential clients to ask themselves, “There are 1,440 minutes in a day—how clearly are you spending them?”

Those interested in looking for clarity amid the chaos of everyday life can find Caroline on her website here. Free consultations can be set up here, and for even more information, she can be contacted directly at (954) 418-2873.

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