Fulfillment Hub USA Announces Partnership With The Cleveland Clinic

Providers of innovative logistics solutions, Fulfillment Hub USA, partners with the Cleveland Clinic to help the facility enjoy the company’s top-notch services

Fulfillment Hub USA haannounced their recent partnership with The Cleveland Clinic. The recent move is in line with the company’s goal of making premium quality logistics solutions easily accessible to as many businesses as possible, irrespective of their industry. The fulfillment company has built a reputation for helping online businesses meet the growing demand from customers through their e-Commerce order fulfillment service. 

Fulfillment Hub USA is pleased to partner with the Cleveland Clinic to offer breakthrough logistics solutions designed by our industry experts,” said Abel Horvath, CEO. 

There has been a steady growth in the e-commerce and online retail industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has further driven the growth of the market, with more people and businesses looking to leverage its features amid restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus. The logistics industry remains a major part of the US economy, with the market’s contribution becoming even more significant following the rise in online shopping. Recent reports reveal that the industry contributes up to 10% to the US GDP, with the U.S. logistics market currently valued at over $2 trillion. Unfortunately, thousands of organizations, especially e-commerce businesses, find it difficult to meet the needs of their customers in the aspect of making prompt deliveries. However, Fulfillment Hub USA has been able to change this narrative. A claim substantiated with the recent partnership with the Cleveland Clinic. 

Fulfillment Hub USA offers an E-commerce Fulfillment service for all categories of businesses, with custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. The company leverages the latest tech solutions, including  warehouse management software to handle all types of fulfillment needs. 

Other categories of solutions offered by the company include FBA services, domestic shipping, freight shipping, international shipping, FBM services, storage, kitting and repacking, and a host of others. 

For more information about Fulfillment Hub USA and their range of services, please visit - https://fulfillmenthubusa.com. The fulfillment company also has a relatively strong presence on social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn. 

About Fulfillment Hub USA 

Fulfillment Hub USA is a third-party logistics provider offering a wide range of tech-driven solutions, including shipping, warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, kitting, and a host of others. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the company delivers solutions that allow businesses to scale their growth. 

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