Desky and Height Adjustable Work Table Announces Power Merger

Desky and Height Adjustable Work Table Announces Power Merger
Two powerful brands leading the standing desk technology space, Height Adjustable Work Table and Desky, have announced a power merger. The merger comes after the directors of Desky okayed the move to acquire Height Adjustable Work Table. The merger between both companies is expected to be a move in the right direction, as both companies will work as one to take the standing desk technology to the next level in terms of performance and stability.

Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD – The power merger between Desky and Height Adjustable Work Table comes months after a leak surfaced in the news about boardroom meetings between the directors of the two companies. Although Desky had expressed interest in a collaboration with Height Adjustable Work Table – a leader who has spearheaded breakthroughs in standing desk technology, Desky is proud of the acquisition, as it gives more room for more than a collaboration but many more possibilities in the years to come.

Making the announcement of the acquisition of Height Adjustable Work Table, as well as all of its assets, including the website at, the representative for Desky, said: “We are a company that is passionate about top quality sit stand desks and catering to customers’ adjustable needs. Desky was interested in expanding production capacity, incorporating the latest standing desk tech, and benefiting from economies of scale within the target market. Desky was, therefore, working on an expansion strategy, with the aim of targeting the Australian market. With the goal of improving ergonomics in their standing desk products, Desky hoped to acquire an existing supplier of standing desks and benefit from their expertise in stand up desk production and research into ergonomic furniture.”

Height Adjustable Work Table has been a major player in the sit stand desks market since 2010. The company has, over the years, expanded its reach across the globe to meet the needs of consumers not only in the Australian market but in other regions including the United States. The deep penetration into other regions allowed Height Adjustable Work Table to form wholesale furniture connections with office fit-out companies and big-box retail chains, a move that further increased its reach.

Height Adjustable Work Table has also put together a powerful online platform that caters to online consumers directly. With the online platform growing fast, Desky is happy to leverage these new resources, as well as its existing assets to drive the market of Height Adjustable Work Table’s technology forward.

The merger is expected to signal a new wave of products that offer quality, flexibility, and comfort to the target market.

Height Adjustable Work Table remains a leader in its industry and will continue to provide innovative new products and technologies. Contact their team via phone at +61730889131 or visit the company’s website. Height Adjustable Work Table is headquartered at 8/615 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd, Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD 4073, Australia.

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