Introducing Civiq – The App That Provides a modern OS for Democracy

The Civiq mobile app launches this week, offering a civic engagement platform focused on empowering users to get smart about how their representatives are actually voting.

Civiq is an all new mobile platform that has been launched across the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. At its core, the app promises to change the way people comprehend the electoral process, helping them understand how congressional representatives vote in their constituents’ interests.

As an app, Civiq says it can help its users realize who accurately represents their interests, potentially being an “consumer” operating platform for democracy. A one of its kind civic engagement platform, the app provides news, updates, videos, live stats and analysis to empower citizens so they can ultimately make better judgement in the electoral process.

According to a spokesperson of the platform, there’s plenty that the app offers for those having political interests. “Civiq brings you news that impacts you so you can stay up to date on your daily digest of political news impacting your city and state. It also helps you learn who actually represents your interests in D.C., with live stats and analysis by category, like defense or immigration.”

The team further explains, “We also offer a feed where users can read and watch bite-sized videos about current legislation the Congress is voting on, enabling the user to cast their vote by swiping on bills.” Providing users the ability to vote, the app can potentially provide a general consensus that explains the overall sentiment of the constituents regarding congressional bills and other similar events.

Civiq is proving to be a game-changer for the modern day political environment. With the objective to bring all relevant news and information to one platform that ultimately empowers the individual to be more aware of the electoral process, Civiq may just be the catalyst that revolutionizes political affairs across the nation.

For those who are interested in increasing their political knowledge and staying up to date with the latest updates from their respective areas, Civiq is a highly recommended source of trusted and reliable information. To find out more about the app, visit its official website now at the following link: Alternatively the app can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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