Chronic Hand Eczema Market: Market Insights and Market Trend by DelveInsight

Chronic Hand Eczema Market: Market Insights and Market Trend by DelveInsight


DelveInsight has launched a new report on Chronic Hand Eczema Market


Hand eczema (HE) are non-infectious, inflammatory cutaneous lesions and belongs to the most common skin disorder affecting the hands. In a substantial number of patients, HE can develop into a chronic condition that remain active even after avoidance of contact with potentially damaging allergens and/or irritants. Chronic Hand Eczema (CHE) has been defined as either a long-lasting, relapsing course of HE, or HE unresponsive to standard treatment with emollients and topical corticosteroids for more than 3 months or the recurrence of symptoms two or more times within a year despite treatment. It seems more relevant to define CHE as an anatomoclinic syndrome with multifactorial origin.


The key players elaborated in the Chronic Hand Eczema Market report includes Stiefel Laboratories, Japan Tobacco, Asana Biosciences etc


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Hand eczema is an inflammatory skin disorder, clinically characterized by erythema, infiltration, hyperkeratosis, oedema, and vesicles. Secondary signs may be scaling, hyperkeratotic areas, fissures, erosions, and bacterial infections, chiefly with Staphylococcus aureus. Important symptoms are itching and pain if there are fissures. Erythema, oedema and vesicles are characteristic of acute eczema, whereas infiltration, hyperkeratosis and fissures are seen in chronic eczema.


Chronic Hand Eczema Market Key Companies

  • Stiefel Laboratories,
  • Japan Tobacco,
  • Asana Biosciences etc


Chronic Hand Eczema Market Key Strengths

  • 11 Years Forecast
  • 7MM Coverage
  • Chronic Hand Eczema Epidemiology Segmentation
  • Key Cross Competition
  • Highly Analyzed Market
  • Drugs Uptake


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Global Chronic Hand Eczema Treatment Market

As per DelveInsight assessments, the therapeutic market of Chronic Hand Eczema (CHE) in seven major markets was found to be USD 1,226.71 million in 2017. The United States accounts for the largest CHE market size, in comparison to EU5 (the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain), and Japan.

Among the 5 European countries, Germany had the highest prevalent population of Chronic Hand Eczema, followed by France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain.


Chronic Hand Eczema Market Insights

The treatment of HE must take into account the general principles of treatment of stage-appropriate therapy, disease etiology (atopic, allergic, and irritant), acuteness (acute vs. chronic eczema), morphology (redness, scaling, lichenification, blistering, hyperkeratosis, rhagades, etc.) and location (dorsal aspects of hands, interdigital spaces, palms). Acute HE should be treated quickly and consequently to avoid the development of chronic HE. Topical corticosteroids, together with emollients, are the most effective treatment to control an acute flare of CHE..


Chronic Hand Eczema Geography Covered

  • The United States
  • EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom)
  • Japan


Table of content

1. Key Insights

2. Executive summary

3. Chronic Hand Eczema: Market Overview at a Glance

4. Epidemiology and Market Methodology

5. Organizations

6. Chronic Hand Eczema: Disease Background and Overview

7. Epidemiology and Patient Population

8. Total Prevalent Cases of Chronic Hand Eczema in 7MM

9. United States Epidemiology

10. EU5 Epidemiology

11. Japan Epidemiology

12. Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Hand Eczema

13. Unmet Needs

14. Marketed Drugs

15. Emerging Therapies

16. Chronic Hand Eczema: 7MM Market Analysis

17. United States: Market Outlook

18. EU-5 countries: Market Outlook

19. Japan Market Outlook

20. Reimbursement policies

21. Market Drivers

22. Market Barriers

23. SWOT Analysis

24. Case Report

25. KOL Views

26. Appendix

27. Report Methodology

28. DelveInsight Capabilities

29. Disclaimer

30. About DelveInsight


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