Fuego X9 Heated Massage Gun – Now Available

A muscle recovery tool for health and active lifestyle improvement.

Nordic Lifting has taken its muscle recovery tool to the max, with the launch of its newest product, the Fuego X9 heated massage gun, bringing yet another addition to its fitness equipment range that can be helpful to fitness enthusiasts.

Nordic Lifting is a company that specializes in making workout gear and equipment that support and protect men and women during their workouts. The Fuego X9 massage gun can be found on the Nordic Lifting website and the largest online store, Amazon. This massage gun is the athlete’s perfect recovery partner and has more massage heads than most massage guns in the market. It has a 5-speed setting that can easily adjust to suit the need and 4 different massage modes: heated massage mode, uniform speed, wave massage mode, and climb mode all give several ways to massage different areas of the body which will alleviate muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms, and help prevent injury.

Athletes who use Fuego X9 get the same results of the traditional massage but in a more convenient way and without paying for costly spa services on a regular basis. Its special heated flat head is useful in warming up or post-workout, hitting at all the right pressure points. Its heating functionality can either warm up the muscles to enhance sports performances or serves as an effective tool to prevent DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, which means that they are less likely to feel muscle pain and stiffness 24 to 72 hours after an intense workout. The Fuego X9 massage gun can also help the trainees recover from heavy sessions providing relief by breaking up knots and treating sore muscles. The powerful combination of the heat and massage from this handheld tool will help improve the body’s blood circulation, ensuring that the blood flows to aching areas, eventually reducing pain and inflammation. The immediate relief provided by the heated massage mode not only gets rid of sore muscles and aching joints – the relaxation and therapy it gives can also help improve the sleep quality.

Fuego X9 has three colors to choose from Titanium, Pink, and Silver. The package includes US + EU + UK interchangeable plugs (100-240v) for convenience and to take the massage gun anywhere in the world. This multifunctional professional massage device is built with a super hi-torque, brushless motor that allows for an effective massage while suppressing the noise.

Nordic Lifting’s high-quality products are available on their official website, nordiclifting.com, and through an Amazon online store. Its newly launched Fuego X9 massage gun is included in its vast array of new fitness equipment.

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