Cold Turkey Management Is a Testament to Kimathi “KO” Olenja’s Perseverance in Pursuing His Dream

Cold Turkey Management Is a Testament to Kimathi "KO" Olenja’s Perseverance in Pursuing His Dream

Pursuing one’s passion is a journey that takes people on a rollercoaster ride. They experience the highs and thrills of reaching certain peaks and endure many setbacks that leave them feeling doubtful of their abilities at certain times. Occasionally, the lowest points can be too heavy a burden for people, but Kimathi “KO” Olenja is an example of endurance. His perseverance and focus on pursuing his passion have created one of the hottest companies in the entertainment industry today called Cold Turkey Management.

When KO stepped into Clark Atlanta University to pursue a degree in Marketing, he had but one goal– to help spread art. For as long as he could remember, KO always dreamt of helping others achieve their dreams. A lover of all forms of art, his selfless character would translate into his work and the eventual creation of his company. During his studies, KO entered an A&R internship at Big Cat Records under his mentor Melvin “Mel-Man” Breeden. He hosted many acts, including Gucci Mane, Maceo, Rasheeda, Buju Banton, and more.

While most people felt they were ready to finally join the big leagues and actively pursue their passion, KO knew he needed to learn more to prepare for his goal. He found work in corporate management under the employment of a huge brand. KO would remain with the company for over ten years, learning the ropes and amassing management experience from within and outside the entertainment industry. Over the decade, he managed teams on a corporate level and in the entertainment industry. The journey was a long one, but KO was able to gain experience and learn strategies. When he was confident about his knowledge, KO stepped down from his position and created Cold Turkey Management. 

Cold Turkey Management is the result of over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry. It is a company built from KO’s dream specializing in artist management, productions, and marketing campaigns. The company ensures that everything in television, film, or stage production is executed smoothly. Cold Turkey Management takes care of the entire process, from financial matters to hiring the cast and crew. They are focused on getting things done punctually and efficiently. KO also develops artists and manages their careers. He uses his knowledge and experience to ensure that those they signed can meet their goals, whether it’s short-term or long-term. 

The company lives by its vision and professional brand, booking gigs and facilitating contracts. Additionally, Cold Turkey Management runs marketing campaigns on all levels, from field marketing to social media campaigns, providing companies and individuals services. KO understands how crucial marketing is to his clients’ success, which is why each marketing plan his company develops is customized to their individual needs and goals. 

Since creating Cold Turkey Management, KO has been active in his goal to spread art. He has endured setbacks and obstacles to help creatives gain recognition for their talent. However, KO still feels he can do more. He now has his sights set on running a label, producing, and directing films.

“When you follow your dreams, there will be all kinds of things thrown at you that will test your dedication,” he said. “I look at it as earning your success. That being said, I have experienced tons of struggles, and I look forward to the ones that are yet to come.”

Learn more about Cold Turkey Management by visiting their official website. You can also find them on Facebookand Instagram.

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