Abduction Cycles Book Series Ranks Highly in Arthurian Fantasy Category

Allentown, PA – Feb 27, 2021 – Author John Elijah Cressman has released the second book in his Abduction Cycles series, Library of Daemonium. The author’s GameLit/LitRPG Portal Fantasy Adventure is taking the genre by storm. The first book in the series reached No. 3 in the Arthurian Fantasy category on Amazon and his second in the series already achieved the No. 13 position in Arthurian Fantasy.

Library of Daemonium continues the adventures of Ethan Gower as he explores the strange new world to which he’s been abducted and tries to unravel the mystery of who is killing wizards like himself. The answers to all his questions could lie in the members-only library of the Order of the Scroll.

All he has to do is journey to an abandoned library and retrieve some lost tomes from a ruined city from which no one has ever returned. Ethan almost kills himself trying to learn a new type of magic, but it may be the key – and his only hope – of making it back to his own world alive before he’s murdered and his brain extracted.

The second in the series follows the first installment entitled Village of Hawkshead. Both books are available on Amazon in a Kindle edition. In book No. 1, readers are introduced to the protagonist, a computer technician from Earth that finds himself cast in the role of a real-life wizard, fighting monsters and rescuing others that have been taken as they try to survive in a hostile environment and find the way home.

Library of Daemonium has all the excitement for which Cressman’s novels are popular. A fun read, the series combines multiple elements of fantasy, science fiction and high adventure that appeals to readers of all ages. The Abduction Cycles books are equally enchanting for long-time readers of the genre and those just discovering the fun to be found in GameLit/LitRPG Portal Fantasy Adventures, as evidenced by the books’ rankings in the category of Arthurian Fantasy.

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About John Elijah Cressman

John Elijah Cressman is an author, magician, hypnotist, programmer, and long-time lover of roleplaying games and fantasy/sci-fi books. He still enjoys computer RPGs and MMORPGs, with his current favorite being Elder Scrolls online. He’s the author of the Veil Online trilogy, two books on hypnosis, and is currently working on the fourth book of the new fantasy series, The Abduction Cycles.

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