Fortune 500 Executives Are Appearing On This Podcast

ExecuTalks, hosted by Ash Faraj, features story-based, career-focused episode segments from today’s top executives.

MARCH 1, 2021 – In an attempt to escape war and oppression in the early 1960s, Ash’s great grandfather migrated from Jerusalem to New York City. He first worked as a janitor, but eventually began supplementing his income with side gigs. One of his side gigs was finding new goodies at the grocery store and going door-to-door in wealthier neighborhoods to resell them. One day, a man named Alexander connected with Ash’s great grandfather at the grocery store and offered to help. He had recognized Ash’s great grandfather as the salesman who knocked on his door just the day before.

Alexander was a tall, well-dressed businessman who had lots of influential contacts in New York. One of the connections Ash’s great grandfather made because of Alexander was with a small business owner in the tapestries business, who was looking for a great salesman. Alexander advocated for Ash’s great grandfather as a great salesman. There, he would get his first experience implementing sales strategy, scaling a business, and eventually starting and scaling his own food export business.

Ash admits that even though his great grandfather is a hero to him, Ash wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for Alexander. He helped pave the way for his great grandfather’s career. He helped kickstart his career. He has been so moved by the story of his great grandfather that he founded ExecuTalks: A story-oriented, career-focused, podcast & media outlet, featuring interviews with today’s top executives. In January of 2020, he made a bold move and left a prestigious and comfortable job with a six-figure-salary to start ExecuTalks.

Today, ExecuTalks has had appearances from some of the world’s most well-known public figures and business executives such as, Zillow’s Co-Founder & Former CEO: Spencer Rascoff, Billionaire Entrepreneur: Naveen Jain, Bulletproof’s Founder & CEO: Dave Asprey, Redfin’s CEO: Glenn Kelman, Fortive Corporation’s CEO: Jim Lico, along with many others.

From Fortune 500 executives to popular startup founders to partners at well-known investment firms, all these interviews have one thing in common: They all help new professionals gain exposure to the different career stories that scratch the surface of what’s possible in life.

In addition, Ash also has a “Connecting YOU” segment where audience members can join the interviews with today’s top executives and connect with the guest and ask career-related questions. And it’s all for free. All because of his deep connection with his great grandfather.

Ash recently published an eBook, “The 5 Uncovered Steps to Kickstarting Your Dream Career,” based on the interviews he’s conducted and his own personal experiences. He strongly believes that as of 2021, resumes are outdated and a waste of time. Being different is key, and that requires a unique approach. Creatively initiating connections, is what Ash believes, is key to success.

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