Children’s fact book illustrated with animals created from fruit and vegetables

Sydney, Australia – Sydney-based artist Carrie Webster has launched a new book containing weird facts, each one illustrated using fruit and vegetables to create unique and whimsical animal characters.

“A few years ago, while crafting an artistic interpretation of “The Owl and the Pussycat’, I decided to create all the characters using fruit and vegetables after a photoshoot with a ‘real’ cat went terribly wrong! I’ve never looked back.”

Carrie Webster is an artist, photographer, children’s book author, and IT specialist. Since 2013, Webster’s work has been selected as a finalist in a number of international online photographic & art competitions and featured in numerous curated art publications. She has also had her artwork displayed as part of a digital exhibition at the Louvre in Paris and the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

Created over a period of two years, the book ‘40 Weird Facts’, was inspired by the artists’ exploration of different ways to express her unique artistic style. The book contains a range of interesting facts about animals, people, and our planet, illustrated with an image representing each fact. Webster also loved the process of uncovering quirky facts, specifically relating to the animal kingdom.“I’m obsessed with strange scientific truths about our world, and I also know that kids are fascinated by stranger than fiction stories because of their limitless curiosity about life.”

Research has shown that children are very visual, so pairing facts with engaging illustrations helps with their comprehension. For them, illustrations are capable of transforming an interesting fact into a fascinating story. Children are more likely to remember the fact described by recalling it as an illustration.  Another study published by Researchgate saw first to third graders demonstrating a higher comprehension for books with both text and illustrations, over just illustrations or just text.

“40 Weird Facts” is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions here:

It’s free to download until March 4th 2021.

More about Webster and her work can be found at http://www.carriewebster.comand

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