Yaletown Laser Centre Reopens Their Doors After Renovations

Vancouver’s premier medical spa’s newly reengineered space promises a sleek new state of the art modern state of the art facility and an unparalleled 5 Star experience that centers on individualised client care.

March 1st, 2021 – Vancouver, BC – Yaletown Laser Centre – Vancouver’s most popular destination centre for skincare, body contouring, and anti-aging treatments is pleased to announce that they have reopened at their normal 1010 Mainland Street location after an extensive and amazing renovation.

Yaletown Laser Centre’s new appearance emphasizes a sleek, modern appearance that aims to provide a chic and relaxing environment for clients seeking out advanced skin care and laser programs, non-surgical face lifts, fillers and Botox therapies, body contouring and so much more. Yaletown Laser Centre is known for its wide range of services as well as a 5-star patient care delivered by their staff of highly trained and qualified professionals.

“The Covid pandemic presented us with an unexpected opportunity to soul search and refocus our energies and vision into creating a centre that absolutely embodies deep authenticity in our core values of deep and absolute care for our clients, further enhancing patient safety and comfort and to create the most memorable experience possible for our clients,” says Dr. Shelly Kassam, Founder and President of Yaletown Laser Centre. “We’ve always been known for our anti-aging and preventative skin care expertise, and we really wanted our centre to reflect our unparalleled focus on our clients.

“I know our clients will enjoy the new ambience and feel confident that we have truly created a centre imbuing excellence, in a modern artistic design that will create peaceful repose and joyful experiences in their journey to beauty and wellness!” Dr. Kassam adds.

To learn more about Yaletown Laser Centre or to schedule a visit to their newly renovated centre, visit their website at https://www.yaletownlaser.com/ or call at (604) 256-5577.

From Yaletown Laser Centre

Yaletown Laser Centre is honoured to be chosen by so many for their journey to beauty and wellness. Their goal for the past twenty two years has been to create a centre of excellence by bringing together a wide array of highly trained professionals and bringing expertise into their state-of-the-art, science based and result-driven facility. By marrying non-surgical cosmetic skin and body rejuvenation, laser technologies, and laser and cosmetic reconstructive dentistry, Yaletown Laser Centre always strives to provide a unified multidisciplinary approach that will create the best outcome for an overall image enhancement experience. Yaletown Laser Centre has been serving patients around their community for over 22 years and offer an exceptional facility coupled with a full team of highly trained professionals. 

Yaletown Laser Centre’s focus is on providing a holistic insight on lifestyle; by imbibing humanistic values of active listening and sharing, their talented team members look forward to serving patients with compassion and discretion. Yaletown Laser Centre can help one achieve success in all their personal development endeavours.

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