Is the automatic laboratory glassware washer really easy to use?

There are reasons why Lab Washing Machine is favored by the laboratory.

The automatic glassware washer is not strange to many experimental practitioners.Although there are many different industry attributes between laboratories, such as the government departments have health system laboratories, entry-exit inspection and quarantine system laboratories, food and drug supervision and management system laboratories; For example, the quality inspection laboratory of cosmetics company and the testing laboratory of petrochemical enterprise; Another example is the environmental testing laboratory, chemical laboratory, biological laboratory of the third party testing institutions… But no matter what kind of above laboratory, the increase in the experimental workload also means that the experimental utensils are more of use, and the use of experimental utensils more, which means that the cleaning workload of utensils will be more. In particular, glass materials of experimental instruments, such as test tubes, beakers, flasks, pipets, conical flasks, petri dishes, and so on, manual cleaning their derivative problems have always existed. So many laboratories in China also follow the overall trend of the industry, have bought the Lab Dishwasher to solve the task of thoroughly cleaning laboratory glasswares.

The reason why Lab Washing Machine is favored by the laboratory has the following advantages:

1. Good cleaning effect

Overall a good cleaning effect is reflected in two aspects: one is the cleaning procedures can be completed through glassware washer ’s prewash, cleaning, washing, steps, such as neutralization, rinse and dry thoroughly let fall off residual pollutants within the block, make glassware to fully clean effect, and can ensure that the next time is applied to the experiment would not be substantial interference effect on the result of the experiment;Second, the automatic glassware washer can clean different specifications, different shapes of glassware. For example, hundreds of injection vials and 42pcs of 100ml volumetric flask can be cleaned in the same batch, which undoubtedly can gain more working time and energy for the experimenters to carry out more meaningful experimental tasks.

2. The use of safe

It is well known that in addition to the problems of uncleaned glassware during manual cleaning experiments, accidents can also occur-either because the contaminants in the containers are toxic and corrosive, or because of subjective negligence, the containers are damaged and the residue is splashed. Such situations will cause huge safety hazards to the experimenters’ body and mind.

3. Low consumption and environmental protection

The automatic glassware washer adopts scientific and intelligent cleaning methods. The cleaning agent, water and electricity resources and other related expenses in the laboratory can be saved, reducing the impact on the environment, thus achieving low consumption and environmental protection.

The advantages of Laboratory Washer mentioned above are conducive to the long-term construction, management and development of the laboratory towards the direction of GMP, FDA and other standards and specifications.

Many laboratories that are still hesitant to introduce automatic glassware washer still worry about their use experience: I do not know whether the cleaning effect of each Lab Washing Machine can be stable?Is it easy to use?Is the after-sales service complete?

In fact, it is understandable that the units concerned would have doubts…

First, the current laboratory equipment market in China, including Lab glassware washer, is not mature and very complex.There are a considerable number of Laboratory Washer manufacturers do not have research and development qualifications and strength, the quality of the product is inevitably good and bad. However, there are also excellent domestic enterprises produced by the Lab glassware washer quality is comparable to Europe and the United States, and good quality and cheap.

Second, different glassware washer belongs to the functional characteristics are not the same, for the completion of cleaning task has certain limitations. For example, spray automatic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine in cleaning time control, cleaning bottle type, vessel size and material, etc., have their own emphasis. As long as the laboratory choose according to its actual situation, it can avoid this problem to a large extent.

Third, the laboratory glassware washer does have the advantages of intelligence, as long as the operator of this aspect of daily use to strengthen training, cleaning effect and purpose will be easier to achieve. At present, there are some automatic bottle washing machine manufacturers are very responsible, they will not only provide excellent bottle washing machine products but also complete and high-quality after-sales service. These services include helping laboratory customers update and upgrade their smart cleaning machine programs, regular maintenance of parts and components, and coaching and training laboratory operators on how to use the bottle washing machine to bring more value to the laboratory.

The use of high-quality automatic glassware washer is still the mainstream trend in the development of many laboratories. In addition to the above points, the key is to choose them. It is strongly recommended that the laboratory as the demander should not just buy low-quality products for cheap. If this affects the accuracy of the results of the experimental project and the progress of scientific research, it will be more than a loss!

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