Attorney Miranda Rights Law Firm, A Boston-Based Criminal Justice Attorney, Fights Hard To Achieve The Best Possible Outcome For Clients In LA

Attorney Miranda Rights Law Firm, A Boston-Based Criminal Justice Attorney, Fights Hard To Achieve The Best Possible Outcome For Clients In LA

Los Angeles, CA Miranda Rights Law Firm offers defense services to people charged with criminal cases in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas. For over ten years, the law firm has successfully handled over 6,000 cases defending clients accused of violent crimes, gang crimes, drug crimes, and other offenses. The award-winning defense team prides itself on taking an honest and aggressive approach to defend their clients. They understand how high stakes are when someone has been arrested and is facing criminal charges.

Miranda Rights Law Firm – LA Criminal Defense Lawyer is considered to be one of the best in LA County, and Mr. Douglas Miranda commands a lot of respect from his colleagues in the LA legal community. Miranda Rights Law Firm fights hard to achieve the best possible outcome for its clients in LA. The private legal practice includes arson, drug crimes, assault and battery, juvenile crimes, burglary, carjacking, domestic violence, robbery, expungement, shoplifting, weapon crimes, traffic violations, embezzlement, pre-arrest investigations, violation of probation, and more.  

As a lead criminal trial lawyer, Mr. Miranda has handled about 5,000 criminal cases, including death penalties, has litigated more than 1,000 motions, and has tried over 100 criminal cases before juries. The attorney, through his experience, is well-aware of how to pick juries, offer strong arguments in court, and negotiate with prosecutors. Mr. Miranda has obtained certifications and special training in jury selection and forensic science. He has been pivotal in helping many clients end their probations sooner and get their criminal records expunged. 

Under California law, an individual can be charged with three types of criminal offenses: infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. Accordingly to the Constitution, “all are entitled to equal protection when they are charged with the crime.” Self-representation in the court without a professional defense strategy may place the person at a significant disadvantage. A skilled attorney will approach the case with a level of urgency to make sure the client gets the best outcome.  

The experienced and licensed defense attorneys in Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Firm deliver personal attention, assess the individual’s case, go over the client’s legal options with customers, and develop a successful approach towards a water-tight defense. The company offers free initial case evaluation and consultation. Mr. Miranda and his legal team serve clients in both English and Spanish. They treat all clients equally with utmost respect and dignity.

Miranda Rights Law Firm is located at 445 S Figueroa St #2980 Los Angeles, CA 90071, USA. To get a free consultation, contact them via phone at 213-255-5838 or visit the website for additional information.

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