Only1Tipy Dedicates “Fistful Of Tears” To His Beloved Cousin Robin Brown Aka Rozay Kush

Only1Tipy Dedicates "Fistful Of Tears" To His Beloved Cousin Robin Brown Aka Rozay Kush

Music is one of the best ways to cope up with grief and other negative emotions. Whether it’s just listening or creating one, engaging the self in music activities can help heal wounds. Coping up and dealing with grief is what inspires Trevell Franklin or “Only1Tipy” to create his newest album, “Fistful of Tears.” 

“Fistful Of Tears” 

Only1Tipy is finally releasing his new album, Fistful of Tears, which also serves as his fourth album and his first project this year. The album consists of 11 tracks featuring other artists like Drico, Sackboykey, and Blackwind. As a sneak peek, the album’s first single, “Royal Blue,” has been released on Spotify and Apple Music. Since its release, the song amassed thousands of streams. 

The new project is dedicated to his beloved late cousin, Robin Brown, aka Rozay Kush. In an unfortunate event, Brown was killed in Miami last November 21, 2020. The remaining ten songs will be released on March 27, Robin Brown’s birthday. It is a heartfelt project meant to honor her memory. 

Only1Tipy’s Inspiration For His New Album

Fistful of Tears revolves around Only1Tipy’s daily struggle in coping up with his cousin’s death. For the hip-hop artist, his cousin’s untimely death is hard to process. He poured all his feelings into these 11 songs to help him wrap his mind around Robin Brown’s senseless death. 

Both Only1Tipy and Robin Brown have been very close to each other, even if they were three years apart. She’s not only a cousin but also a sister, protector, and fighter. This closeness is shown in the raw emotion from the Royal Blue.  “She taught me everything I know about the streets and life lessons.” 

More About Only1Tipy

Trevell Franklin or Only1Tipy is a hip-hop artist who joined the industry in 2008. He released his debut album called “From the City Bus to the Tour Bus” way back in 2016.  Since then, he had released a few more albums steadily in the past half-decade. Some of his greatest hits are “feed your enemies,” “Can’t Do Wrong,” “Dream Big,” and “Angel.” 

Only1Tipy is a frequent collaborator with other artists. He is known for working with other hip-hop rising stars like Nipsey Hussle DJ VIP, Suckafree Jizzle, and TJ Freeway. Franklin also released five original mixed tapes and three other studio albums (No Struggle No Progress, Love Chronicles, and From the City Bus to the Tour Bus.)

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