Microv Medical Software Launches the Innovative Pregnancy and Motherhood App ‘Baby’

Timisoara, Romania, EU – Microv Medical Software has launched their first app ‘Baby,’ a tool for women who want to become mothers, are pregnant, or already have children.

The parent organization, Microv Medical Software, is owned by a pediatrician in Europe and aims to develop medical apps for general use.

The goal of ‘Baby’ is to help mothers and prospective mothers navigate the various phases of pregnancy and motherhood. The app contains information tools for:

• The Conception Phase

This tool addresses problems related to the conception period, diet and exercise, vices, the perfect timing for conception, and how it works.

• Pregnancy Phase

In this part, the app addresses multiple controversial topics such as diet and exercise, drugs, having a natural birth vs. a C-section, colostrum, breastfeeding vs. formula. This is a tool that explains the evolution of pregnancy from one week to another, and also includes a calculator of the probable date of birth and a contraction timer.

• Motherhood

The app contains an interactive tool with symptoms common to babies to guide the mother to a possible diagnosis, with the aim of prevention and awareness of symptoms. It also aims to educate her about emergency prevention with links to first-aid videos and contains instructive articles on basic baby care in the first year of life — right from the first day at home.

It sheds light on the crucial aspect of the physical and mental changes encountered by the mother after the birth of the baby as well, and tips on how to deal with these symptoms.

The Facebook page of ‘Baby’ is another rich resource for mothers and prospective mothers on articles to do with parenting, baby care, and related subjects. Dr. M is an entity you’ll find on the app and its social media pages — a virtual educational space  (a registered trademark) that aims to raise awareness of early signs of children’s illness.

Download the app here, follow them on Instagram, and give this video a watch to get familiar with the value it can add to your experience of conception, pregnancy, and parenthood.

It’s worth noting that the information contained in this app tool should not be used as a substitute for the professional advice of your pediatrician; there may be variations in diagnosis and treatment, based on specific facts and circumstances.

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