Lebanese Comedian, Sami Mukahhal, Entertains Instagram Followers with Pure Humor

Lebanese Comedian, Sami Mukahhal, Entertains Instagram Followers with Pure Humor

Sami Mukahhal is an Instagram comedian and entertainer from Lebanon. Mukahhal is an avid believer of the saying, “We all smile in the same language.” It serves as an inspiration that keeps him sharing his humor and positivity all over the internet. 

Making People Laugh As A Comedian

Maintaining a positive outlook is quite a challenge for a lot of people in these trying times. But despite all of the difficulties happening right now, Mukahhal is still determined to bring laughs to people’s daily life. As of now, he entertains over 143,000 followers on his Instagram account. 

In one of his interviews, Mukahhal reiterates the importance of having great humor and entertainment. That’s why he posts a lot of funny Lebanese videos on his Instagram account. Most of these videos are comedy shorts involving himself and his dog, Max.  On occasions, Mukahhal will give additional content in the form of bloopers. 

Although Mukahhal is a full-pledge businessman, he believes that life gets a million times better with smiles and laughter. That’s why he does his best to make his Lebanese followers laugh and get relaxed while doing their daily things. He is quite a guy with spontaneous humor, and it shows in his famous videos. 

Notable Works As An Entertainer

One of Mukahhal’s most successful works as an Instagram entertainer is the video called “Nekat Lebneniyeh.” This joke video was released in 2016, with great reception from Mukahhal’s Lebanese audience. Nekat Lebneniyeh was a success, with over half a million viewers. 

Mukahhal later revealed that this newfound success made him more inspired to do more entertaining content. Right now, all of his skits, including his shenanigans with Max, are getting more than 50,000 views on average.

Professional CyberTech Risk Consultant

By trade, Sami Mukahhal is a cybersecurity professional. He works as a consultant for Cybersecurity and Technology-related risks.

Sami Mukahhal is dedicated to entertaining people with his jokes and keeping data online safe as a cybersecurity professional. Consultant at day, comedian at night; either way. Mukahhal enjoys what he does and loves helping people. 

Follow Sami today on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samimukahhal/

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