BAMBOEARTH LLC Introduction to the World

To a Zero-waste Planet!

BAMBOEARTH LLC is an American company that offers zero-waste alternatives to products that harm the environment with their waste.

The company is mainly focused on reducing the pollution of the Earth by finding, sourcing, and creating eco-friendly products for personal care and beauty that have zero impact on nature.

The main target for BAMBO EARTH is offering natural products of high quality, which are sustainable for the environment – from the product to the package and waste reduction while giving value to their customers at the same time. The company is actively working on creating an environmentally aware community in a way showing the current pollution problems and offering quality alternatives that can reduce them. A great example of that is the products, made from bamboo, which is the fastest-growing plant in the world and in some ways, it is even better than plastic! Contributing to the zero-waste future has proven that reduce our climate impact! The positive thing is that the goal is completely reachable! The hardest part is to raise awareness among the people but once they realize the importance of the problem, they will start thinking twice before purchasing toxic products. It is in everyone`s interest to keep the planet clean.


High quality; natural; eco-friendly; zero-waste; cruelty-free; vegan; – these are the standards the company aims to stands for and wants to be recognized with.

BAMBOEARTH is constantly trying to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers by using only high-quality ingredients and materials while keeping the best price/quality ratio at the same time. Learn more about all the ingredients BAMBOEARTH is using and their benefits here.


As a company striving to give its customers the best quality possible, it does not stop there – its priority is the products, packaging, and shipping, to be always biodegradable or recyclable and have zero impact on the environment. An example of agreat zero waste alternative is the shampoo bars: their hard structure, allows the wrapping to be made of decomposable materials instead of plastic. There are always solutions!

The mission of the company is to keep improving the quality while using the most natural approach, finding new eco-friendly solutions, and contributing to the reduction of the world`s waste as much as possible. BAMBOEARTH proves that it is not only as a company but as people who do care about preserving the planet! Some of its upcoming projects include investments in planting trees and cleaning campaigns across the world, intended to help and improve the environment! “Spread the word and keep on creating environmental-aware community” – the main priorities of the company are waste reduction and the constant improvement of its eco-friendly approach. It is not possible to prevent all that waste without humans being involved. It is up to those who take care and responsibility for their daily waste. That is why building awareness is important and it’s the right way to achieve the ultimate mission – creating a zero-waste planet!

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