Employees Can Improve Attention to Detail

Employees Can Improve Attention to Detail

97% of executives agree that detail-oriented people are more successful.
It appears that, yes, you can definitely improve attention to detail in yourself, employees, and throughout an organization with the right system in place.

Trainer and consultant, Chris Denny, says he often gets asked, “Can people really improve attention to detail?” 

Chris confidently answers the question with, “Yes, people can learn to be more detail-oriented. It just takes a system and probably a little practice. There are certain fundamental methods and habits people can apply in their daily lives — especially at work — to be more detail-oriented. That is, to make fewer mistakes and generally be more accurate.” Chris likes to share this article about training employees to improve attention to detail. 

He continues, “It’s like leadership training was treated 30 years ago. There was always the argument of nature vs nurture. Are leaders just born or can they be developed? Now we are more sure of the answer. Obviously, some people seem to have innate leadership qualities but everyone can improve and enhance their ability to lead and that’s exceptionally valuable to a team and can create a massive difference for an organization. Training to improve attention to detail is the same. Some people are naturally stronger with attention to detail but everyone can improve it and it is exceptionally valuable. More detail-oriented people and teams make fewer mistakes, complete work and projects more thoroughly, waste less time with do-overs and re-do’s, and are generally more productive. Products, services, and experiences produced by detail-oriented people and organizations are simply better. In fact, in surveys of hundreds of people, 97% of executives agree that detail-oriented people are more successful.” 

Through online courses, training workshops, coaching, and consulting, Chris works with employees and organizations to help them improve attention to detail. He says the main improvements his clients experience include reduced mistakes, improved team communications (especially for team workshop participants), employee morale, and generally improved productivity. 

Chris tailors training and consulting to the needs of his clients. Some clients are more concerned about reducing expensive operations-related mistakes whereas others reach out to Chris about reducing “those little everyday mistakes” such as mistypes, communication flubs, and wasted time. Others are concerned about customer service or experience, safety, or general quality improvements. 

“The training and the system work,” says Chris. He’s very upfront with the fact that people don’t become “magically detail-oriented”  after three or four hours of training. “I teach a framework and instill a well-rounded understanding of the importance and value of attention to detail, along with the simple system people can apply to become more detail-oriented and effective in the work they do.” 

You can discover more about Attention to Detail Training options here.

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