Song Yang will hold the 14th China International Tea Merchants Conference – Songyang Fragrant Tea Festival

Online & offline mode simultaneously – Songyang fragrant tea wafts across a thousand miles

Online and offline mode simultaneously – Songyang fragrant tea wafts across a thousand miles. On March 15, 2021, Songyang County held the “14th China International Tea Merchants Conference – Songyang Fragrant Tea Festival” press conference in Lishui to introduce this year’s tea festival and the development of Songyang tea industry.

This year marks the 14th edition of the fragrant tea festival yearly held by the Songyang County. Under the background of the normalization of domestic epidemic prevention and control, the Tea Festival is being held both online and offline simultaneously for the first time, lasting from March 1 to May 31. The 14th China International Tea Merchants Conference – Songyang Fragrant Tea Festival is being held under the theme “Songyang Countryside Organic Tea Township”. Three themed promotions, four themed competitions, five promotion platforms and public sharing, these four sections make this Tea Festival a good-looking, fun, high quality and cultural festival that can promote the buying and selling of the fragrant tea.

This Tea Festival is organized by the China Tea Marketing Association (CTMA), China International Tea Culture Institute, China Tea Science Society (CTSS), Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Farmers’ Cooperative Economic Organization Federation, Lishui Municipal People’s Government, co-organized by the CTMA Tea Market Professional Committee, CTMA Tea Culture and Tourism Working Committee, CTMA Experts Committee, Zhejiang Tea Industry Association, Zhejiang Tea Industry College, Zhejiang Disabled Persons’ Federation, Songyang County People’s Government, Taobao (China), ByteDance, Ganjie, and People with disabilities.

The three themed promotions to be launched on the 27th of March are the key highlights of this festival; it will include the tea garden opening ceremony, Douyin livestream and the China Tea Industry High Quality Development Summit. In addition, this festival will also hold four theme competitions: Songyang Tea craftsmen Competition, “Songyang fragrant tea” Brand Creative Design Competition, “Top Ten Tea Merchants, Tea Industry Rookies” Selection Competition and “Food in Tea Township” Chinese Tea Tour Food selection Competition. Furthermore, the Songyang Tea shall be promoted by holding Taobao Spring Tea Festival Songyang Special Show, Taobao Village Livestream Competition, Pinduoduo Songyang Fragrant Tea Centralized Exhibition, Douyin Special Show, and people with disabilities “come together” webcast activities, marketing on major domestic e-commerce platforms. The Douyin “Public Sharing Songyang Fragrant Tea” Creative Short Video Contest shall also let the whole network share the feast of Songyang tea.

Tea industry is not only the leading agricultural industry in Songyang, but also the pillar industry of enriching the people and strengthening the county. At present, Songyang County has 137000 mu of ecological tea garden, 40% of the population is engaged in the tea industry, 50% of the farmers’ income comes from the tea industry, 60% of the agricultural output value comes from the tea industry, and the output value of the whole tea industry chain has reached RMB12.7 Billion. Amongst all this, “Songyang fragrant tea” is a typical representative of Songyang tea, and also the main character of this festival. The unique ecological environment allows “Songyang fragrant tea” to be labeled as green ecology. Through the continuous promotion of green ecological planting methods, Songyang has become the first national green food raw materials (tea) standardized production base in Zhejiang province, and has been awarded the title of “National Green Tea Control Technology Demonstration Zone” for seven consecutive years. With a long and splendid history and culture, it can be understood that “Songyang Fragrant Tea” is an object of cultural inheritance. Songyang started producing tea as early as the “Three Kingdoms” Period. During the Tang Dynasty, the “Maoshan immortal tea” made by Ye Fashan, a Taoist heavenly teacher, once became a royal tribute.

Nowadays, the “Songyang fragrant tea”, which inherits the ancient techniques and innovates the stir-frying has become a favorite quality tea for tea lovers under its group standards. The fragrance and sweetness high-end quality of the “Songyang fragrant tea” makes it have a nifty market. The tea market in southern Zhejiang, located in Songyang County, is “the first market for green tea in China” and the place where green tea price index is released. The trading volume and transaction volume have been ranked first in the same market in China for more than ten consecutive years, which has promoted more than 10 million mu of tea plantations in more than 10 provinces and cities. Here, “Songyang fragrant tea” is a veritable “fragrant cake”. Tea merchants sell it all over the country offline, and various online shopping platforms and “tea anchors” that have sprung up in recent years have made it enter a broader market. According to relevant department statistics, more than 90% of the tea on Pinduoduo platform comes from Songyang merchants. In the Taobao tea category, Songyang leapt to fifth in the country’s counties (cities and districts). At the same time, Songyang is also the county (city, district) with the largest number of online celebrities and the most active on the Douyin platform. Comprehensive unearthing industry potential let “SongYang fragrant tea” reload morale. Over the years, Songyang has actively explored new paths in the intensive processing of tea, the development of derivative products and the integration of tea and tourism. More than 20 kinds of deep processing products, such as Matcha and chashuang, and 8 excellent tea cultural tourism routes have become important achievements in the development of the whole industry chain of tea industry, and become a national 4A tourist attraction, Mushan tea garden has become one of the first batch of green food demonstration parks with integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

A small leaf holds up the people’s livelihoods. Songyang tea industry, represented by “Songyang tea”, not only makes Songyang famous in tea industry at home and abroad, but also improves the income of Songyang people. In the face of future development, Songyang will focus on the brand of “Songyang fragrant tea” based on the current situation of the development of the tea industry”, strive to enhance the radiation-driven role of the tea market in southern Zhejiang, speed up the construction of the full-chain industrial system, and form a distinctive tea culture system. Songyang will systematically promote the full price utilization of tea resources, the tea industry full-chain development, the co-construction of tea brands in the whole city, and the public sharing of tea benefits, make every effort to create a gold business card of “China Organic Tea Township” with international influence.

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