Forklift Battery Repair for Owners As Explained by

Forklift Battery Repair for Owners As Explained by

Regardless of their ultimate purpose, batteries provide much the same function: to give a machine power. Despite this uniform purpose, however, batteries themselves are often very different. Batteries that are used for forklifts, for example, are very different from those used in cars and other purposes. Those used in forklifts are heavier, larger, and more difficult to refurbish and repair than others. Unlike batteries used in cars and other motor vehicles, forklift batteries are discharged at lower levels without causing damage. Down below are a few Lift Truck Tips an owner can perform. 

Despite their differences, owners can do things to help keep their forklift batteries functioning at maximum efficiency. These include cleaning and replacing fluids. However, when it comes to refurbishing and replacing a forklift battery, it’s time to call a professional such as those at Texas Motive Solutions.

Battery Exam

When a forklift doesn’t work as it should, the first thing an owner should check is the battery, according to This is true since a number of problems will begin with the battery, especially when the battery is working below 80 percent capacity.

Low Water

Low water levels are a common reason for a battery to fail and can even cause irreparable damage. After a battery begins to dry, the plates in the uppermost portion start to burn, which leads to permanent high resistance. Even if a battery is refilled, it will continue to cause problems and overheat at this level. Keep the water levels in the battery high enough to cover the splash guard.

Charging and Overcharging

Forklift batteries should be good for recharge cycles of 1,500 in five years. Every time a battery is recharged, whether it is needed or not, it is counted as one cycle. Don’t “opportunity charge.” Unless a battery needs to be charged (at least 80 percent discharged), leave it alone. This kind of charging can reduce the life of a battery by 50 percent.

Overwatering and Corrosion

Overwatering a battery washes out the cells’ electrolytes, which dilutes the acid until the battery is no longer useful. Corrosion is caused when acid vapors escape during a charge. When a battery is disconnected, the battery, the cables, and the connectors should be checked for corrosion. Loose cables should be fixed.

Beyond Repair

In some cases, a battery will wear out and need to be replaced. If it was a good battery, this would most often take place around the 5-year warranty period. If the battery on the forklift has not reached that age, it might be a good idea to check with wherever it was purchased to find some answers. If one has more questions, find out the answers.

Safety First 

Whenever a battery is serviced, metal objects should never be worn. Also, don’t smoke or have flame near the battery, and always wear eye protection. Make sure to work in an area that is well ventilated. Before one begins work on a forklift, make sure it is turned off and that all the guidelines for performing maintenance tasks on the machine are followed.

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