Users Seek Faster Service Through Fiber Internet

Users Seek Faster Service Through Fiber Internet

Back in 1993, the World Wide Web went public. In the beginning, quite a few people were sure it was nothing more than a passing fad. Some even feared its potential and all the implications that came along with it. Others insisted it was the wave of the future. At this point, there’s little question as to which group was right. After all, the internet is essential these days, isn’t it?

Today, most people depend on internet service for virtually everything. It’s the key to being able to connect with friends and loved ones and a portal to being able to have groceries and dinner delivered to your door. It’s a fast, convenient option for paying bills from the comfort of home and going shopping without having to fight the crowds. Because of recent developments, millions of people even rely on the internet for working and getting an education from home. Companies like EATEL are making sure everyone in Louisiana can have fast, reliable internet to cover all their needs.

Bringing Fiber Internet to the Masses

High-speed internet with as little downtime as possible is becoming increasingly important for homes and businesses, and it’s only going to become more crucial moving forward. Fiber optic internet, like the options available through, is making the essentials more readily available. This company offers innovative whole-home WiFi systems that feature high speeds, ultimate reliability, and remote network management to name a few possibilities.

Looking at the Other Options

At present, many Louisiana residents rely on DSL, cable, or satellite internet services. All of these options serve their purposes and offer certain benefits. That being said, they pose a few issues as well. That’s why quite a few people are looking for other alternatives. 

  • DSL. DSL, or digital subscriber line internet, works through standard phone lines. As opposed to the now-antiquated dial-up internet, though, it offers higher speeds and allows people to use their phones and internet at the same time. It’s a bit less expensive than some other options, but it’s one of the slower types of connections.

  • Cable Internet. As the name indicates, cable internet operates through the same wired network as cable television. It’s faster than dial-up, but it’s not quite as widely available. That means it’s just not an option for people in some areas.

  • Satellite Internet. Satellite internet service is the only option for many people who live in less-populated areas. Still, it’s often slower and more expensive than some of the alternatives.

Those internet solutions certainly beat the old dial-up systems, but they sometimes leave a lot to be desired. That’s where fiber optic internet comes into play. It provides faster upload and download speeds and can handle multiple users without slowing down.

Further details about this type of service and where it’s available can be found at

The internet obviously wasn’t a passing fad, and people have come to rely on it more so than fear it. Several internet options are available to Louisiana residents, but not all of them are created equally. For some, the options are limited depending on specific location and other factors. For those who have multiple choices in their areas, fiber optic internet is quickly becoming the go-to alternative.

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