Langyi’s AntibacMax® antibacterial scheme helps to upgrade the function of textile and yarn industry in the Yarn Exhibition in 2020.

The 3-day Autumn and Winter Yarn exhibition was successfully concluded in Shanghai Qingpu National Convention and Exhibition Center from September 23 to 25, 2020. This yarn exhibition occupies the entire 8.2 pavilion and brings together 419 high-quality enterprises from different countries and regions, providing a good platform for revitalizing the textile industry, promoting the rapid economic recovery of the industry, and connecting Chinese and foreign exhibitors and customers for negotiation, communication and cooperation.

With the global outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, people’s health protection consciousness distinctly enhanced and all kinds of products with anti-bacterial anti-virus function are becoming a hot spot. Textile yarn industry is no exception. Clothing, towels, carpets, protective clothing and other products are applying anti-bacterial ingredients to achieve functional upgrading, in order to meet the new demand of consumers.

AntibaxMax® is a safe and long-lasting antibacterial and anti-virus solution

For many years, Langyi has committed to the development and application of the special functional additives. In the field of antibacterial products, we have rich experience in the development and application. In this Yarn Exhibition, we have launched mature solutions for antimicrobial protection function of the textile yarn – AntibaxMax ® series antibacterial products, mainly including antibacterial additive, antibacterial masterbatch, antibacterial long fiber, anti-bacterial fiber, antibacterial non-woven, antibacterial finishing liquid, etc.

Antibacterial textile products

Antibacterial textile products

AntibaxMax® series products have been tested by professional third-party testing institutions, and the broad-spectrum antibacterial rate is above 99%, and the inactivation rate of H1N1 influenza virus and other harmful viruses is as high as 99%. These products will endow textile yarn products with new anti-bacterial and anti-virus functions, providing technological assistance for the functional upgrading of yarn industry.

Antibacterial agent01

Antibacterial additive: AntibaxMax®

Antibacterial additive adopts inorganic components such as silver ion, zinc ion and copper ion as antibacterial active ingredients. Compared with organic antibacterial agent, AntibaxMax® has more safe release of non-toxic components, is more stable at high temperature and the insoluble antibacterial property of which is longer lasting (at least 2 years).

Antibacterial masterbatch

Antibacterial masterbatch0101

Aiming at the application requirements of customers in textile and yarn industry, AntibaxMax® developed antibacterial masterbatches of polyester, polyamide fiber and other textile products commonly used for adding and using during spinning. Equipped with our unique nanometer dispersion technology, AntibaxMax® antibacterial masterbatch is smoother in specific spinning processing, and no adverse phenomena such as net blocking, broken wire, floating wire will occur.

Antibacterial fiber (long fiber, staple fiber):

We can provide different types and specifications of antibacterial fiber and antibacterial staple fiber according to customer requirements. AntibaxMax® antibacterial fiber still maintains excellent antibacterial rate after 50+ times of washing.

Antibacterial non-woven fabric:

AntibaxMax® antibacterial non-woven fabric introduces high-energy broad-spectrum antibacterial anti-virus silver ions, zinc ions, etc. on the basis of conventional non-woven fabric, killing the trapped bacteria and viruses in situ, enhancing the protective function and safety of melt spray fabric and spunbonded non-woven fabric.

AntibaxMax® antibacterial finishing solution:

AntibaxMax® antibacterial finishing solution can better meet the application requirements of manufacturers such as fabrics and textile finished products. By adding AntibaxMax® antibacterial finishing solution during the post-treatment process through simple dipping drying or spraying drying, the product can achieve better antibacterial effect.

Application of AntibaxMax® in textile and yarn field

Application of AntibaxMax in textile and yarn field

In addition, many AntibaxMax® antibacterial solutions have been exhibited, including antibacterial blankets, antibacterial window screens, antibacterial sweater fabrics, antibacterial poly-cotton fabrics and their blends. The above products have been tested and verified by customers, the antibacterial rate and virus inactivation rate can reach 99%, and the biosafety also meets the corresponding national standards. AntibaxMax® antibacterial solution will gradually enter people’s daily life in the post-epidemic era after long-term market test to protect people’s health.

Langyi at the exhibition

Langyi at the exhibition

Many textile and yarn enterprises have shown strong interest in antibacterial textiles this year as the heat of antibacterial and anti-virus continues to rise. The exhibition attracted an endless stream of visitors, and our staffs were all immersed in the communication and discussion with customers. The content of the conversation ranged from the types of antibacterial agents, antibacterial mechanism and antibacterial efficiency, to the specific usage amount and application methods of fibers and fabrics.

Through the exhibition site communication and negotiation, many textile yarn enterprises get a thorough understanding of our products and solutions after launch. They have shown higher expectation on the future the functional textile products market in China.

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