Cam Hill & Jamie R. Wright’s Discuss the Power Of Overcoming on the Cam Hill Show

Cam Hill & Jamie R. Wright’s Discuss the Power Of Overcoming on the Cam Hill Show
Jamie R. Wright, a great speaker, coach, activist, advocate, and author, educated people about the rudiments of life on The Cam Hill Show recently in what many called a lifetime opportunity to learn about self-motivation, resilience, and perseverance.

Houston, Texas – March 17, 2021 – On the first day of March and Women’s History Month, Jamie R. Wright, featured on the Cam Hill show, and spoke at length on the power of overcoming to help people recover from demoralization and other struggles. The Cam Hill show was the perfect platform for Jamie’s message considering the dedication to bringing positivity to the world.

On the show, Jamie left no stone unturned as she educated listeners about demoralization and ways to get out of it. Her message was also effective for people who need a push to get over life’s challenges and obstacles. Digging into her own life experiences she offered up three powerful tips and recommendations that have relevant meaning and application to real-life situations; can be applied to anyone’s life now.

According to many who have lived through various struggles, it is tough for people to come bouncing back after experiencing disappointments in their lives. Speaking from experience, Jamie revealed that she understands, and recommends courage, inspiration, faith, hope, and resilience as a way for people to withstand life’s ebbs and flows. These values are exactly what Jamie R. Wright spoke of on the Cam Hill show.

During the program, many from the audience learned how to stay motivated and overcome challenges both personally and even professionally. This was duly welcomed considering the painful experience of Covid-19. During the show, Cam Hill opened contact outlets and social media pages to allow Jamie to field questions from curious participants. This helped many to find solutions on how to pull themselves out of deplorable conditions.

One of Jamie’s beliefs is that “We may have been victimized but we have the power to choose whether or not we will be a victim”. She encourages more people to employee three powerful and lifechanging tips: (1) Make the Decision (2) Become Clear (3) Execute with Consistency.

In her own words, Jamie R. Wright said, “Stand up to face realities and be very intentional if you want to actualize your goal. Never giving up is the spirit solely required for any person who wants to make their dreams come true.”

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