Telspace Systems Security Analyst Speaks about “Voice Cloning” Attacks

Amy Manià to Appear at The Boston Security Meetup in April 2021

SOUTH AFRICA, JOHANNESBURG – March 17, 2021 – Telspace Systems, a provider of vendor-independent Information / Cyber security solutions for the public and private sectors across a broad array of industries, both local and international, announces today that one of its OSCP Certified Security Analysts, Amy Manià, will be speaking on the subject of Deep Fake and Voice Cloning at the prestigious Boston Security Meeting in Cambridge, MA, in mid-April (date not yet finalized). The Meetup is a self-described “safe place” for InfoSec people to come meet like-minded people, share “cool ideas,” and discuss real issues.

The Boston area has one of the most diverse information security ecosystems in the world and the Meetup will serve as a springboard to further shine a spotlight on Ms. Manià’s industry-leading research and insights to help prevent businesses from falling victim to cyber-attacks, deep fakes, and how to keep sensitive information safe.

“Telspace underscores its commitment to protecting our customer’s financial and customer data,” states Dino Covotsos, Founder and CEO of Telspace Systems. “We see prevention as a vital aspect including educating the public, training security analysts, and helping customers get out ahead of the latest attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).“

“When watching Deep Fake videos, I quickly realized that the software capabilities of manipulating visual material seemed to be far ahead of the audio,” states Amy Manià. “That is how I began to wonder about the possibilities of cloning a voice. In 2019, I was able to fool my father and a longtime friend using a software-generated version of my own voice.”

Ms. Manià’s body of research, entitled “Put Words In My Mouth” may be explored at This links to one of her podcast appearances, a whitepaper, and recorded conference talks.

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