A Scientific Approach to Revenue Growth And Demand Helping B2B Companies

A Scientific Approach to Revenue Growth And Demand Helping B2B Companies
Punch helps other companies apply their tested scientific sales generation method to help grow revenue and demand

Punch has a successful B2B program in place that they themselves apply for revenue and demand generation. This process is Scientific in nature and has a 6 step process that helps observe, measure, experiment, analyze, modify, and repeat growth strategies for your business. At scale, the Punch Demand Methodology creates growth for their clients. Their past experiences lead the way for future results. Punch has worked recently with Comcast’s “Xfinity” where they helped them increase their revenue growth by 13% and deal closing rate by 36%

The Punch B2B program is essential to a growth process and an effective parallel to any digital growth or digital advertising strategy; it encapsulates real humans doing outreach in a personalized way to numerous new qualified prospects per week with a budget to spend on solutions. This proven method has not only helped Punch get new clientele but it has also become a service they provide to other companies who are looking for revenue and demand growth.

Growth & Demand generation has become an integral part of any company or agency’s goals. B2B reach can prove to be difficult when you don’t know who to prospect. Punch has a 4 step process in place that helps just with that. This process is:

Research: Setting the standards, collecting the right data, and live connecting and verification. The process starts with these three researching milestones where Punch defines company needs and engages in a thorough market analysis.

Demand: Here Punch works towards creating the right leads for companies and agencies to reach out to and then engages in an A/B testing method with daily analysis and iterations. The outreach is made to be tested, personalized, and humanized.

Relationship: From the first response to the proposal, Punch believes in making relationships and building trust. They treat each prospect as an endless opportunity and treats them as such no matter what the project or work entails.

Closing: From the start to finish, Punch does an analysis of your competition, pricing, demo & proposals so everything goes over smoothly. With constant feedback and iterations, it is made sure that the end result is free of any mistakes.

The benefits to having an agency like Punch partnering up with yours for growth generation is that your workload becomes lesser and you’re in the capable hands of professionals who have 10+ years of experience in sales and growth.

Punch founder and CEO had the following to say when asked what makes the b2b growth program unique: “The engineers here at Punch custom coded a program that scours the internet for names and contact information of highly targeted prospects. This is how we at Punch have managed to get on sales calls with big clients in the past and how we continue to do so every day. We’re able to build email lists of individuals that can make high-level decisions at their company. Given the success, this tool has given our agency we wanted to make it available to other companies for their b2b sales and growth. It’s a great opportunity to get leads every week specific to the product/ service you’re team’s offering.”

About Punch.

Punch is a full-service digital agency founded by ex-Google engineers. They are a team of designers, engineers, and marketers on a mission to build the best digital experiences. Established in 2014, the company now has offices located in San Francisco, New York, and Lahore, Pakistan.

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