First Abduction Series Book Now Available on Amazon as an Audiobook

Allentown, PA – March 17, 2021 – There’s no reason that books must be read to be enjoyed and some people prefer an audio format. Author John Elijah Cressman announced that the first book in his Abduction Cycle series has been released as an audiobook.

“Village of Hawkshead” is the first in the Abduction Cycle series. The GameLit/LitRPG Portal Fantasy Adventure is available in audio format on Amazon and at the iTunes store. The book is in the Top 10 in the Arthurian Fantasy category on Amazon and the second book in the series, “Library of Daemonium,” is the No. 1 New Release in Arthurian Fantasy.

Village of Hawkshead” begins the adventures of computer technician, Ethan Gower. Deeply engrossed in an online video game with friends, in the blink of an eye he finds himself abducted and transported to a world where magic and monsters are real. He quickly discovers that he isn’t the only one that’s been kidnapped and stolen from the life they’ve known.

Gower is a wizard in this strange new world. His first task is to convince other abductees he meets that the pathway home and their very survival depends on banding together. They’ll have to level up and gain new abilities along the way as they attempt to discover how they arrived on the world, who is responsible, and how to get back to their real lives.

The world that Ethan and his companions have landed in is one that’s in conflict. That turmoil has the potential to destroy the world and all its inhabitants. The path forward is simple – battle their way across a world full of monsters, find the way home, and avoid the unknown force that’s sucking the brains out of wizards.

The book is performed by narrator and producer, J.S. Arquin. The voice artist is well known for his narration work in multiple genres. The classically trained actor has performed around the globe and he’s had a lifelong love affair with books and the spoken word. That fascination has led him to work with authors and publishers to bring their vision to life.

The release of “Village of Hawkshead” in an audio format ensures that anyone can enjoy the epic adventure series. The audiobook brings together elements of multiple genres for listening while commuting, working out, or winding down before slipping into slumber.

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John Elijah Cressman is an author, magician, hypnotist, programmer, and long-time lover of roleplaying games and fantasy/sci-fi books. He still enjoys computer RPGs and MMORPGs, with his current favorite being Elder Scrolls online. He’s the author of the Veil Online trilogy, two books on hypnosis, and is currently working on the fourth book of the new fantasy series, The Abduction Cycles.

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