The main skill needed for substantial success is not what people think.

People all go through different phases in life. Such phases often create circumstances that keep a person stuck. What differentiates successful individuals from the average are their ability to bounce back from difficult situations and everyone have it within. Once a person make the decision to completely reinvent his life, he will always be able to achieve everything he can dream of. 

Mike Barron is the perfect example of how no matter the situation, the reactions are what always dictate life. Mike is currently considered one of the Top Digital Marketers and Sales Experts in the online world. He has won some of the most prestigious awards in his industry. He is a multimillion-dollar earner who is committed and focused on helping others achieve his level of success.

However, it was not always easy for this entrepreneur. He was born to a single mother. He grew up in a low-income household that needed government assistance. By the time he graduated high school, he was already considered a gangster. He did not have big aspirations in life. In fact, all he wanted to do was to be a gang member. He never had bad intentions, but he was desperately trying to fit in and be the cool kid of his neighborhood. 

By age 19, he had already built a dog training business where he earned his first six-figure income, but he decided to walk away from that business and try his luck in the corporate world. He went to college following society’s rules and struggled for years trying to make ends meet. “I was extremely broke eating cup of noodles as a fancy meal. For an entire year, I was always late on rent and even had to share my phone with my wife”, says Mike. After years of struggle, he finally landed his dream job as the president of a college at age twenty-seven. This allowed him to earn a good income until the school lost accreditation and ended him in parking other people’s cars for a living. 

Mike’s perspective of business is different from most people because he has had to experience great amounts of success, but also great amounts of struggle. The skills that completely changed his life were not the college degrees, not the experience in the corporate world, and it was definitely not what he learned when he was a gangster. What changed his life was his mindset. 

When people are struggling, it’s so easy to focus on setbacks, on problems, on how much of a victim people are.  It is easy to blame the economy, injuries, upbringing, age, etc. But it is important to realize that as humans, “We have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day and the more we focus on problems, the more we are unable to come up with solutions.”

The moment Mike Barron realized the power of his thoughts was the moment he reinvented his life. He did not have the resources, he created them. Now, he teaches others his methods. 

One of his students was able to generate one million dollars in sales in only forty-five days. He has created proven systems that change lives financially, but also mentally. His agency Limelight Media also helps personal trainers and gym owners generate leads and teach them how to do sales. He is also the owner of Superior Fitness gym and is here to remind everybody that in order to succeed, we all have to create actions and habits that support our vision. 

“YOU WILL NOT GET THERE BY ACCIDENT. You need to be clear on the things you want, ask the universe, and then work towards your goals with the certainty that the universe will provide for you,” says Mike. 

Are you clear on your vision, or is that something you need help with? 

Connect with Mike Barron and get free access to his resources, he wants to see you at the top. 

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