New Coffee Company Continues Exponential Rise With Increasing Demand

New Coffee Company Continues Exponential Rise With Increasing Demand

Saskatoon, Canada – Rampage Coffee Co, The company which is owned by a couple, Dustin and Lauren, started in their garage two years ago. According to a study by telegraph, Canada takes 10th place among twenty countries in the world that drink more coffee per capita. This is before the US in 26th, and way above the UK at number 45. With a population of only 37 million, Canada has a coffee consumption of around 3.9 million (60-kilogram bags). Again, a report by the Coffee Association of Canada, 2/3 of Canadians take at least one cup a day with an average of 3.2 cups/day (2018). This shows that coffee is consumed more than any other beverage, even water.

With Dustin and Lauren, the business idea came about when they both got tired of the same old, stale coffee that they were drinking. Being busy entrepreneurs, and new parents, they wanted a coffee that was healthy and would give them that extra boost they needed to keep grinding out those long days. In the search for strong and smooth coffee, trying numerous different coffee brands with no luck, they decided to step in and start a new strong and smooth coffee regime in Canada. They began their roasting journey, and after months of R & D and hundreds of cups of coffee later, the team finally crafted the perfect strong but smooth coffee blend that they were looking for.

They discovered that Micro batch roasting specific varieties of coffee and blending them together was the answer! They call it the ‘only coffee strong enough to start a RIOT but smooth enough to want more.’ With 3500+ 5-star reviews, Rampage Coffee Co is on its way to dominating the coffee market in Canada. According to James Milne, ‘Bought some C-4 from Southern Roots in Dalmeny, it was very nice and very smooth! Great job! Looking forward to trying the code BLK.’ Totally operated in Saskatoon, their products include ROIT, Code BLK, RCC Epic Bundle and Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee amongst others. Alongside coffee production, they produce fashion items such as masks, hats, tees and hoodies. Also, as a brand that is about the completeness, they produce gift mugs and skull spoons to go with their coffee.

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Company Name: Rampage Coffee Co.
Contact Person: Dustin Blanchard
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Address:3342 Millar Ave Unit 5/6
City: Saskatoon
State: SK, S7K7G9
Country: Canada