‘Caprock Skateboards’ brings the finest-quality skateboard decks for all the passionate skateboarders across the globe

Caprock Skateboards empower the strong-minded, bold, determined skateboarders by offering them a wide range of skateboard decks accordant with their style.

United States – Skateboarding has always been a thrilling experience serving both as a recreational activity and a medium of transportation. Over the past few years, this sport has surged magnificently, and an increasing number of men and women are indulging in this sport for both fun and pleasure. Additionally, this active sport is praised for providing abundant physical benefits. To reincarnate the lost art of skateboarding, Caprock Skateboards, an online e-commerce platform, brings the coolest and most vibrant range of skateboards that one cannot resist buying.

This emerging skateboard business, Caprock Skateboards, currently presents three different styles of cultural-themed skateboard decks, including the Samurai Skateboard, Dragon Skateboard, and Poseidon Skateboard. The first edition, Samurai Skateboard of the “cultures” series, is a handcrafted masterpiece representing ancient Japanese culture with a bold artistic touch. With its concave middle, the skateboard has extra strength, making it apt for tricks, too.

The second edition, Dragon Skateboard of the “cultures” series, is another handcrafted splendor reflecting ancient Chinese culture with mesmerizing artistry. The third edition, Poseidon Skateboard, takes the skateboarders to ancient Greek culture with an audacious creative trace. “The motivation behind these cultural-themed boards is to promote inclusivity and cherish the diversity of cultures, through the expression of art, and indulgence in sport,” says Alec Benton, Founder, Caprock Skateboards.

Along with providing skateboard decks, Caprock Skateboards also sells complete skateboard kits, with necessary parts, i.e., the full set of four wheels, bearings, bolts, a deck, trucks, and grip tape. However, the founder of the company advises beginners to opt for full skateboards. For all the enthusiast skateboarders looking for the best skateboards, Caprock’s skateboards are surely the best choice available in the market.

The company moreover has a range of comfy yet, trendy apparel and accessories that flawlessly complement the skateboard decks. There is also a line of cool Hoodies and T-shirts available in the apparel collection. The Founder reveals that the main purpose behind launching an all-in-one skateboard business incorporating accessories and apparel is to make skateboarding safer and enjoyable for skateboard fanatic.

“I believe skateboarding is an elite sport, where you are pushed beyond your limits, to master the art of skateboarding. This sport makes us all learn an essential life lesson, that is, never to give up, no matter what. Keep on trying, until you can ride that board like a pro. And this was my mere motivation behind Caprock Skateboards: to promote the grandeur of this amazing sport, all while proffering quality accessories, gear, and apparel, empowering skateboarders to relish the pure joy that this sport brings with it,” says Alec Benton.

The founder further emphasizes the few gears are a must-have for beginner skateboarders to prevent any serious injury. “Helmet is on the top of the list, for helping you protect your head from any injury in case of a fall. The Knee, elbow, and wrist Protective pads, are also essential to stay away from injuries. I always advise people never to risk trying skateboarding without safety gears; it is never wise to put your precious life at stake; after all, even a minor fall can cost you immense damage.”

Caprock Skateboards is not just another skateboard seller; they ensure that the skateboarders are facilitated to the utmost level. Thus, it also got a Skate tool, that can help to fix your Skateboard in no time. “If the Skateboard is maintained properly, its life could be extended, and you can use your favorite skateboard for a lifetime. This tool helps skateboarders also to save the cost of maintenance,” says Alec Benton.

Caprock Skateboards believes in the notion of building trust and strives to provide top-quality boards, accessories, and apparel to its worthy customers.

Undoubtedly, by emerging as a sole platform to get all the stuff needed for skateboarding, Caprock Skateboards is reinforcing the trend of sports, all while promoting a mode of transportation that is eco-friendly.

About the Company:

Caprock Skateboards, which is based out of the great state of Texas, is one of the most famous, emerging e-commerce platforms for the sale and purchase of goods hosted by Shopify, Inc. The company also provides online accessible payment methods for the safe purchase of items, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon, Shop Pay, etc.

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