Mr.D.Tunes – A Talented And Young Entrepreneur Who Aims To Inspire The World With His Music

Mr.D.Tunes is an artist and a youth speaker who aims to touch millions of lives and establish a position as an artist and a business executive for himself.

Clearwater, FL, United States – Derrick S Roach, popularly known as Mr.D.Tunes was born in Suriname, a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. He is a young and talented entertainer and entrepreneur who is willing to make a name as an artist and businessperson. Derrick is a Christian and has a firm belief in God. He intends to use music as an asset to instill a love for God in people. He aims to bring peace and happiness and tell the people the significance of believing in God. “Never settle with intentions to be relevant. I’m bringing the news just talking about the benefits of loving God and being one when we fellowship he makes way, so no need to be stressing things,” said Mr.D.Tunes.

He came to the U.S with his family in search of a better life. In elementary school, he announced his first song during a joint project to stop bullying and was a Junior Olympic swimmer. Ever since he was 12, Derrick has been an inspiring personality. He is a youth speaker. Derrick has shared the story of his youth with the public. In his youth, he had an unstable home, was homeless, and life as an immigrant was never easy for him or his family. Derrick had a life full of difficulties, but that never stopped him from encouraging other people. There came a time in his life when he started to lose vision and a few other things, he went to the hospital, and they discovered that he had a few tumors in his head and spinal cord. The tumor was diagnosed in November 2020, he then went through surgery in February 2021. It was a scary time for him, but he stayed positive.

During this time, Derrick ended in a wheelchair and using a walker. People thought that there was no chance that he would make it. In the year before his diagnosis, he made an album called “Winner Already” to thank God and inspire people. A lady at the church Derrick went to was the first person to get past her struggles listening to Derricks’ album.

According to Mr.D.Tunes, the devil was trying to tell him that he was nothing, but God kept comforting him, which is why the name of his upcoming album is also Comfort me. I’m headed to the top and, I will never stop because God is going to make way for me,” – Mr.D.Tunes. Derrick wants to use his music as a tool to make people better and express his love for God.

Derrick is soon launching shirts for his previous album. Derrick grew progressively more popular as a prominent record artist and inspirational speaker, invited to schools, leisure facilities, detention centers, and churches. After he launched the KidsAreNext project, he was granted several deals to mentor, tutor, teach and share his many talents with kids of all ages. This talented music artist also operates four companies with several workers and a host of business partners, growing his fame from New York to Florida. He also joined the army for the sole purpose of serving people. Tunes enjoy helping people, giving back to his community, inspiring others, and doing anything for the greater good. He says he has already accomplished his goal of helping people. “It’s the number of lives I want to reach that I’m still working on.”

Among his popular albums are: Winner Already, Next Time, Ready For What’s next, Working Hard, Believe Etc. His first album to be ever recorded was Mission the EP in 2012.

Mr.D.Tunes is an artist who started with the basics and gradually climbed his way up to albums like ‘Winner Already.’ In his title track of Winner Already, he proudly proclaims that ‘with God, I am a winner already.’ Tunes enjoy helping people and inspiring them. He wants to give back to his community. Derrick does everything for the greater good. He is young, but his struggles have given him the experience to encourage and motivate people his age to become a better version of themselves.

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