Dystopian Melodies That Are Unfortunately Not Fiction

Dystopian Melodies That Are Unfortunately Not Fiction
Music that is powerful, haunting, and extremely relevant to today’s world

Moving commentary on contemporary world issues, posing the hard questions, and talking about much stigmatized mental health issues – this is only an introduction to Lee Davey’s world of dystopian compositions. British born singer and songwriter Lee Davey is not only an accomplished guitarist but also a multi-instrumentalist. Although, some reviewers have called it Dystopian Alt Rock his music style is hard to put under a genre because of the layers packed into it.

What may initially come off as niche music, the singer songwriter’s work is for everyone. Davey writes from a place of immense pain and struggle, which he believes is incredibly commonplace in today’s world. Each lyric has been carefully composed to make the listener feel. Perfect for listening in solitude with headphones on, one can’t help but appreciate the lyrical content and the way it progresses into a profound story.

Listeners will instantly notice Davey’s music is jarring and will throw you out of your comfort zone. This is so because it has been purposefully composed not to lull the listener and to step away from the usual happy go lucky music. Although the singer loves the Beatles, Queen, etc., he wants his writing to step away and make the listener question the system, the MAN, and other hegemonic powers that govern us. However, one can hear the influences of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd without the ‘bubble-gum pop’ element.

In recent news, Lee’s album ‘Bullets, Bomb, Ashes & Diamonds’ was released in 2019 on Spotify. Last year, he also released three singles, which were unable to gain much traction due to the Covid-19 pandemic and an international lockdown. At the start of this year, Davey released an instrumental concept album ‘AUTOMATION’, which Andy Jackson, responsible for mixing mastering Pink Floyd’s last three albums, mastered.

The gifted artist has a wealth of songs, already mastered, only awaiting to be mixed.

You can find more information on Lee Davey’s music here.


A single full-time parent of two with a full-time job, Lee Davey’s music has a divorce backstory that made it to the national press. His traumatic divorce led to depression, a dark place out of which still impacts his life and the music he composes. Despite the responsibilities, Lee finds time to compose and write music regularly.

Having played the guitar for over three decades, Lee has been singing and songwriting for around fifteen years; his goal is to touch people’s emotions through music, leave them questioning the status quo, and ensure they become aware of the injustices in the world.


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