Freelance Influencer Vyshakh Ramachandran Announces YouTube Channel for Planted Aquarium Lovers

Videos on the channel provide information and tip to help anyone build planted aquarium at home creating a homely feeling for the fishes

Nature is beautiful and inspiring, but people don’t know the benefits of bringing it home and living with it. Vyshakh Ramachandran is doing something unique for humanity by taking it as a responsibility to teach the world the merits of having a planted aquarium in their homes.

Vyshakh has a YouTube Channel called “Vyscapes“, where he explains to his audience the different kinds of planted aquarium and how they can become a part of any home.

The freelance influencer based in the UAE also provides valuable and practical tips to help his audience successfully create different varieties of plants in their aquariums.

Having a planted aquarium has so many benefits compared to the artificial ones that are full of plastics. The planted aquarium produces oxygen from the plants, which improves breathing and general health. The planted aquarium also improves water quality by preventing the growth of algae. The plants use up the nutrients and fish wastes produced in the aquarium for growth.

People who have a passion for the planted aquarium will find Vyshakh Ramachandran’s YouTube channel very interesting. The channel is packed with beneficial information, tips, and tricks for starting, managing, and maintaining a planted aquarium at home. Each video is highly detailed, providing names of plants and all the materials used to achieve incredibly awesome planted aquariums that beautify the home and improve the aesthetics. Vyshakh is a cool guy who adds flair and style to his presentation, making his videos very informative and educative at the same time.

Vyscapes YouTube Channel is already gaining massive popularity and thousands of views. Vyshakh’s mission is to make it a vast online community where lovers of planted aquarium can interact, share ideas, make suggestions, and discover new and exciting things.

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