Khaim Music Offers Free Vlog Music & Beats To Upcoming Artists & Creators

Khaim Music Offers Free Vlog Music & Beats To Upcoming Artists & Creators

A lot of upcoming artists have some great lyrics; they just need the right music in the background to make the song complete. Recording a track can be pretty expensive and when new artists are just starting out they need every free offer that they can get to enhance their career.

Khaim is a Japanese Composer / Beatmaker that has recorded several musical beats for artists and content creators to download free of charge. There is a wide range of unique beats available on his website, and people can use them to customize their content and music for results that will have fans hooked.

What Does Khaim Offer?

Khaim’s official website is an amazing starting ground for any upcoming artist to find the right background music for their next project. He offers music for so many different genres, including: 

  • R&B
  • Hip-Hop
  • Pop
  • Disco
  • K-Pop
  • Funk
  • Lo-Fi; and so much more

All of his older tracks have been remastered to suit a more modern crowd. The only catch is that artists and creators need to give him credit for the music used. If creators don’t want to give credit, they can choose to purchase a license to use Khaim’s music. His beats have a reputation for getting stuck in people’s heads.  Khaim’s music beats can also be used by artists and content creators. However, if the beats were taken to support a song, it can’t be released to music platforms such ITunes, Spotify and others. The beats can be used in the form of YouTube videos, live performances, free distribution CDs, and free releases on SoundCloud and Audiomack.

Where Has Khaim Been Featured Before?

Khaim’s music has been featured in many popular tracks and content across the web. One of his most popular projects to date has been contributing his track “Mad Trick” to the electronic game “Muse Dash”. He’s proud to know that when people are tuning in to their favorite game every day, they are playing along to his music as well.

A lot of bloggers and content creators will use Khaim’s music for their project. His work is catchy enough to keep their audience interested and it’s versatile enough to fit with nearly every type of video. People shouldn’t be surprised if they recognize any of Khaim’s music from their favorite influencer’s content.

How Can Creators Find Khaim’s Music?

Any content creators, influencers, or music artists who are trying to upgrade their content should take a look at the selection available on Khaim’s official website. He is constantly updating his page with new music to keep his fans interested. Anyone who is looking for music to add to their content should visit his page at and see what best fits their content.

Check out Khaim’s Instagram account for more content:

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