The Lakes Family Dental: Providing Ongoing Dental Care.

The Lakes Family Dental: Providing Ongoing Dental Care.
“Oral health is keeping the mouth clean and free of problems and diseases by regular brushing and interdental cleaning.”

MCALLEN, TEXAS – MARCH 19, 2021 – The Lakes Family Dental is a dental facility located in McAllen that caters to clients. Their doctors and staff are very friendly and thorough with details.

Oral hygiene must be observed every day to prevent oral diseases and halitosis. The top Mcallen dentist, Jeffrey Alvarado, is at The Lakes Family Dental facility and always advises that clients should brush after breakfast and before going to bed. Interproximal cleaning is as important as brushing. The reason being is that a toothbrush cannot reach the proximal surfaces of the teeth. Oral irrigators, dental floss, and interdental brushes are tools used for interproximal cleaning.

The top McAllen Family Dentist stresses that it is imperative for clients to take their oral health seriously now more than ever with a daily care routine and regular dental check-up visits. This is important because it helps in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Clients should have a regular McAllen dental check-up every six months or as recommended by The Lakes Family Dental experts.

Clients undergo two procedures in the course of a regular dental visit – check-up and oral prophylaxis.

At the dental check-up stage, the dentist will check clients’ teeth for cavities. X-rays might be taken to detect cavities between their teeth. The exam will also include a check for plaque and tartar on their teeth as plaque and tartar build-up on teeth causes oral diseases.

Next, their gums will be checked. With healthy gums, the spaces are shallow. When clients are plagued with gum diseases, the spaces may become more profound.

The check-up will also include a careful examination of the clients’ tongue, throat, face, head, and neck. This is to look for any signs of trouble – swelling, redness, or possible signs of cancer.

Then, their teeth will be cleaned. During this, the dentist will remove tartar on the clients’ teeth. This is called scaling.

After the teeth are scaled, they may be polished. This helps to remove any surface stains on clients’ teeth. The final step is flossing. The dentist at The Lakes Family Dental will use floss to make sure the areas between clients’ teeth are clean.

Clients at their McAllen dental office receive Customized Treatment Plans, Same-Day Procedures, Free Wi-Fi & Relaxation amenities; all these are geared towards creating a patient-friendly environment so that every visit is stress-free and memorable.

About The Company.

The Lakes Family Dental is an award-winning and BBB Accredited McAllen Family Dentist center in Texas. They specialize in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. They serve patients with fully customized dentistry services because they know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for their client’s oral health. Whether the clients need to undergo gum disease treatment or need professional teeth whitening packages, they can be assured that the experienced experts at The Lakes Family Dental have all the solutions for all their oral health needs.

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