How to choose a great lady’s cardigan sweater and how to wash it?

Ladies sweater style classification

1. Style: cardigan sweater, pullover.

2. Collar type: round collar, high collar, V-neck, flat collar, pile collar, suit collar, hood, stand-up collar, lotus leaf collar, wood ear collar.

3. Version: bat sweater, straight sweater, cape sweater, shawl sweater, loose sweater, waistcoat sweater, slim-fit sweater, A-shaped sweater, etc.

4. Patterns: jacquard, stripes, solid colors, printing, embroidery, etc.

5. Length of clothes: medium-length, regular, and short.

6. Style: retro, college, simple, ethnic, Mori, sweet, casual.

7. Sleeves: three-quarter sleeves, middle sleeves, long sleeves, bell sleeves, lantern sleeves.

How to buy women’s sweaters

1. Many sweaters are made of chemical fiber, so it is best to smell it with the buyer’s nose when buying it. If there is no peculiar smell, the buyer can buy it, otherwise, it will harm the buyer’s skin.

2. The elasticity of the sweater is very important. When purchasing, stretch the surface of the sweater to check the elasticity. The sweater with poor elasticity is easy to deform after washing.

3. Be sure to open the inside of the sweater to see the washing instructions, and ask the shopping guide if it needs dry cleaning. If it is a pure woolen sweater, it must be dry-cleaned, otherwise, it will shrink and deform.

4. Check all the yarn joints on the surface of the sweater to see if it is smooth, the knitting pattern is consistent, and the yarn color is symmetrical.

5. Feel the feel of it. A good sweater is refreshing, slippery, and not tied. the buyer can also try it on the buyer’s face or inside the buyer’s arms. If there is itching, sashimi, or stickiness, it is a problem.

How to wash sweaters

1. First, before washing the sweater, soak the sweater in water for about 10 minutes. When the time comes, squeeze the sweater dry.

2. Then pour the washing powder or liquid detergent into the clean water, stir it with the buyer’s hands, and put the squeezed sweater into the stirred liquid detergent, and gently scrub the dirty part.

3. Prepare a basin of clean water, add a few drops of white vinegar to the clean water, then squeeze the sweater in the laundry detergent into the clean water with white vinegar, soak for a few minutes to ensure that the color of the sweater wool remains unchanged.

4. Soak the tea leaves, let the tea cool, pour it into a basin of water, put the sweater from the previous step, soak it for about 15 minutes, so that the sweater will not fade, and extend its service life.

5. After soaking, gently rub the sweater several times, then rinse it with clean water, squeeze out the water, shake it, and dry it.

6. The last is to dry. If the buyer uses a hanger, the absorbent sweater will be stretched due to gravity, so HAIERMEI choose a net bag, put the sweater in, and dry it in the sun.

7. The dried sweater can be ironed and shaped with an iron. When ironing, the top of the sweater should be covered with a cloth towel; the small hairballs protruding on the surface of the sweater should also be cut off one by one.

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