Understand the types and uses of SMD capacitors respectively

Multilayer smd ceramic capacitors are often referred to as smd capacitor. They are often involved in the electronic component industry. They are generally used in DC circuits for blocking purposes similar to insulators. The main types are (NPO capacitor, X7R capacitor, Z5U Capacitor and Y5V capacitor). It is most often distinguished by different filling media. When using a capacitor, it should be selected according to the purpose of the circuit. It should be that the dielectric loss and capacity stability of the capacitor will change because of the different filling media of the same volume, and the composition capacity of the capacitor will change.

Let’s understand together…

1. NPO capacitor

NPO capacitor are composed of (rubidium, samarium) dielectrics and some rare oxides. They are commonly used monolithic ceramic capacitor with the most stable capacitance and dielectric loss. The capacitance changes little with frequency. NPO capacitor are widely used in: tank circuit capacitance of oscillators and resonators, as well as coupling electricity in high-frequency circuits. Depending on the packaging form, their capacitance and dielectric loss will vary. Generally speaking, large package size Smaller package size has better frequency characteristics.

2. X7R capacitor

Temperature-stable ceramic capacitor are referred to as X7R capacitor, and the capacitance change of the capacitor with temperature changes is non-linear. The capacity also changes with time at different frequencies and voltage, which roughly represents a 10-year change of about 5%. The special feature is that the same volume can make a larger capacitance. Under the general requirements, there is no problem with the change of its capacity when the voltage changes.

3. Z5U capacitor

Z5U capacitor, which we often call ceramic monolithic capacitor, are small size and low cost mainly due to its temperature range. Z5U  capacitor have the largest capacitor capacity in terms of the same volume of ceramic monolithic capacitor. Subsequently, the aging rate of  Z5U capacitor reached a maximum drop of 2.5% within five years.

The small size of the smd capacitor, low equivalent series inductance and equivalent series resistance, and good frequency response advantages make it a wide range of applications, especially in the application of decoupling circuits.

4. Y5V capacitor

The high dielectric constant of Y5V capacitor can accept a smaller physical size to make a higher 4.7μF capacitor. General purpose capacitor have a certain temperature limit, which can reach (22% to -82%) in the range (-30℃ to 85℃).

Choosing a SMD capacitor depends on the quality, price, and understanding of the type and purpose of the capacitor. Choose the appropriate capacitor according to the function and purpose. You may as well understand our standard: SMD capacitor manufacturer, layer by layer, and strive for product quality to achieve the highest SMD capacitor value!

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