Valve Manufacturer and Supplier Unveils New Valves and Fittings

Valve Manufacturer and Supplier Unveils New Valves and Fittings

Anix Valve USA is a leading manufacturer of valves of high-quality stainless steel and cast steel industrial valves and fittings since 1988. Their headquarters is based in Houston, Texas along with their corporate sales support office and distribution center. With the unveiling of a new line of valve products, they are now searching for authorized distribution partners to carry both the new and existing line of Anix products.

“We are fully committed in supporting our authorized distribution partners. With our great consignment program, extensive customer protection, specialized discount, along with our excellent sales and marketing support, we are equipped to assist with our clientr’s every need” said Sam, the Manager of Anix Valve USA

“We are able to maintain our client’s confidence in our products due to our excellent quality, the myriad of certifications that we hold and our competitive pricing” he added.

If clients are looking to for more details on Anix’s line of products, the official website contains dedicated pages for each product including ball valves, globe valves, y-strainers, camlocks and many more. The site is extremely easy to navigate, detailed summaries and spec sheets. Sizes, build material and part number are readily available. If additional information is needed, Anix’s support team is happy to help. Product catalog and spec sheets are available as well upon request.

Technology and Certifications

Anix is also constantly keeping track of the latest valve technology. There is a blog section on the site that details all the latest developments on their valve products. Occasional news related to product launches and informative articles are also available there. Anix is a company that is always following market trends in order to best meet their clients’ demands.

Additionally, Anix also holds many certifications for their products. Some of these certifications include ISO 9001, CE, API, AAA, DNV and TS certifications. With products made of high quality materials along with a great corporate support team, Anix is ready to serve their clients.

About Anix Valve USA

Anix Valve USA, a manufacturer of valves and fittings made of stainless steel, cast steel and other materials. They have been working with importers, distributors, and OEM customers globally since 1988.

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