28-day Keto Challenge program offers expert guidance, meal plans, and free tip books

Individuals looking for a diet and nourishment plan that cuts carbohydrates from their diet to help in weight loss can turn to a 28-day Keto challenge program that seeks to help people gain self-confidence and live a healthy lifestyle. 

“This program comes with up to 10 different guides – with meal plans and workout recommendations – to allow you to fully benefit from the program. The program doesn’t only offer the meal and workout guides but also explains in detail how ketosis works and why it is a good idea to follow this diet,” a representative of the program said in a statement.

A ketogenic diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet that revolves around reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis, a process that facilitates weight loss.

Keto diet is very effective. It helps cleanse your body, leaves you with a better immune system and improved metabolism,” the representative said.

Among the benefits that come with the 28-day plan include expert guidance, faster weight loss, and free bonus booklets.

The 28-day Keto Challenge program, which is formulated by licensed physicians, delivers expert advice with no risks of side effects. With up to 10 various guides, individuals are given “the best options” to fully benefit from the weight loss strategy.

“A keto diet plan also allows you to quickly kick start weight loss. Since this diet deprives your body of calories, it is easier to cut off significant weight. Whilst the program is designed to work in 28 days, you will see results from day one,” the representative said.

With each day, participants are expected to learn how to build healthy eating practices. Using a keto diet, the representative said the body adjusts to the proper and efficient metabolism in just 10 days. 

“In 28 days, you would’ve built a healthy eating routine,” the representative assured.

Those who will avail of the plan will also get two bonus booklets at no extra cost — offering a comprehensive guide and key insights into how to implement a keto diet. 

“To make up for the fast food and sugar deficit, the booklets offer keto-friendly dessert recipes to help fill the void. Sure, you will not taste a juicy cheeseburger or a melting chocolate lave cake, but you will still enjoy the fix you need – in a healthier way,” the representative said. 

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