Elta Wave Unveils New Single, “The Fall”

Elta Wave Unveils New Single, "The Fall"
Check Out Elta Wave’s Latest Collaboration With Producer Edward Abela

Elta Wave arrived in London in 2015 with just a guitar and a dream to make it big as a musician. The artist considers it her mission to create music that heals listeners from within, making them feel accepted and understood.

“The Fall” is Elta’s latest single, released in collaboration with Edward Abela, a classical composer and chart-topping producer. This single opens up old wounds to help listeners heal. Although it can seem dark, the song actually uplifts people by conveying that “to fall” is a part of life.

The artist wants all those experiencing grief to carefully listen as the song will help them overcome the obstacles. The mellow music pushes you to rise to the occasion and move on to happier things.

Elta uniquely describes her music style as “eco-active”. Her music talks of a tough past but a brighter future where listeners will act on what’s needed for balanced surroundings. This lyrical message can hold different meanings for different people, captivating a wide range of audiences.

“The Fall” is a great piece that takes you on an inspiring journey with its many layers of harmonies and lyrics. Pop funk and rock lovers will find it especially cathartic, leaving a lasting impression with its hypnotizing vibes.

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Elta Wave is a musician who came from Jerusalem to London to explore the city’s vibrant music scene. After working as a sound engineer for London’s best musicians, Elta found her own signature sound. She produces music that falls under the pop-funk and rock genres, bearing lyrics that have more than one meaning. Her work is inspired by the music legends like The Doors, Queen, Florence + The Machine, and Nirvana.


Main Website URL https://www.eltawave.rocks/linktree
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Youtube Video URL https://youtu.be/SbgcijXkn0o

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