Camp Bohdi Announces Plans to Build Self-Sufficient and Eco-Friendly Communities

Nu Terra Ecovillage Project will be the Silicon Valley of Sustainability

Rome, GA Camp Bohdi announces their highly ambitious sustainability concept, the NuTerra Ecovillage Project. Many people are full of fears for tomorrow, worrying about survival, health, and how they’re going to take care of their families.  

NuTerra Ecovillage Project is about creating a community of people, who work together for the common goal of becoming economically, socially, and culturally sustainable. When asked about NuTerra Ecovillage, the President/CEO Twyla Jackson, who’s vision is to create the Silicon Valley of Sustainability stated, It’s about us as individuals taking responsibility for the mistreatment of our planet and each other, and taking the needed steps to reverse those mistakes!”. 

Members of the ecovillage will build and live in self-sufficient homes and grow their own food. Residents will also research and develop new and innovative ways to live in a manner that promotes a healthy physical, mental, financial, emotional, and spiritual life for all. 

To learn more about participation, sponsorship, and collaboration, please, call 706-519-9395, send an email to [email protected], or visit  

We live in a very beautiful world full of wonder, adventure, fantasy, and mystery. But many years of neglect and irresponsible living have made the world more uncomfortable and safe to live. Humanity needs to start taking the right steps to live a sustainable life that protects the earth.  

Camp Bohdi is a community development corporation already taking bold steps to ensuring that we live a better life. The organization invests in research to figure out new and innovative ways to live a healthy and happy life. They want to build communities where the residents work together to achieve a common goal of sustainable living.  

NuTerra Ecovillage Project will become a model concept that will transform the way we live forever. Here, people will live together in a paradise-like community where their existence and survival will be sustained by consuming products made through renewable means. People will be able to grow food in their backyard to feed their families and serve guests. Homes will also power themselves using solar and other renewable energy sources.  

Our lovely planet earth has already been damaged by many years of manufacturing, production, and utilization of chemical-based products. The ecovillage project will help reverse the negative effect of these environmentally unfriendly activities to promote a healthy and natural atmosphere. Everyone on earth deserves to live happily and healthily in a secure, eco-friendly, and protected environment. Camp Bohdi offers everyone an opportunity to join them to create that dream world and live in it. They welcome all to be part of this adventurous journey to building self-sufficient communities that will change the world.  

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