MEYA APP, fusing electronic house music and meditation

MEYA APP, fusing electronic house music and meditation

MEYA, fusing electronic house music and meditation
The revolutionary app that brings electronic music, meditation and spiritual awakening together.

Although there are over 2000 meditation and wellbeing mobile apps available in the market, most of them are very similar to each other. However we have discovered one that is really different and unique.

MEYA app is a new mobile application that uniquely fuses together timeless meditations and awakening  techniques with modern electronic dance music.

How can these two worlds co-exist? The reason lies within “entrainment”.

Dance music can sometimes bring to mind dark, busy, overly loud clubs… maybe scenes of underground venues with speakers stacked to the ceiling, as a whole slew of people dance robotically to music that many might call ‘repetitive’ or ‘boring’. 

But there’s a reason dance parties and raves became so popular, and the genres of music typically played at these places has become an integral part of so many people’s lives.

There’s a certain hypnotic aspect to dance music that makes it what it is. House, Techno, Deep tribal, shamanic beats – they all have the power to take the brain into an ‘alpha’ state and induce deeper ‘trance’ like states of mind. This is the power of entrainment that allows us to become fully present in the music… “lost” in the moment. Time suddenly fades and all that matters is what’s happening right there and then. Without necessarily realising it or intending to, the producers of these types of dance music were discovering a new tool for leading people into a meditative state, that would give many millions of people a glimpse of how it feels to be totally present and immersed in the moment through the medium of music entrainment. 

There’s something ancient and inherent in the human desire to dance and to move to music. Evidence of rhythm and communal dance and movement is apparent throughout the furthest reaches of human history. We’ve known for a long time that these things combined represent a portal into another dimension of awareness.

This is why MEYA app goes “beyond meditation”: by leveraging the entraining power of music, meditation becomes easier and more enjoyable. A practice that you can do not only at home… but something you take to the dance floor, and ultimately, into every moment of your life.

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