IHG Education Foundation Welcomes Donations to Fund Scholarships for Healthcare Students, Serve the Cause of Elderly Care

Every year, the demand for healthcare workers rises, but many students fall short of finance to fund their studies. The International Health Group (IHG) Education Foundation of San Diego has come up with various programs to ensure no student is denied professional healthcare education merely due to lack of money. 

Studies indicate that, by the year 2025, the US will require 2.3 million new healthcare workers to ensure proper medical care for its elderly (CNN Money). The IHG Education Foundation is therefore working towards its mission to grow enrollment for healthcare courses by offering financial scholarships, and enrichment programs. These are available to all qualified students, along with a healthcare school curriculum and online training.

The financial scholarships allow disadvantaged students to complete their healthcare training and start serving patients. Most of the students who win scholarships are deserving of financial aid. The enrichment programs come to the help of those interested in the nursing field (Certified Nurse Assistant and Medical Assistant certifications), but lacking funds or facing a disadvantage. 

We serve the San Diego community by assisting healthcare education to all deserving candidates. We have nurtured partnerships with nonprofit groups as well. Over 6,000 students have graduated from our programs. We aim to assist students with finance so they can invest in their futures,” said a spokesperson for IHG Education Foundation.

The funds donated to the IHG Education Foundation go towards offering scholarships. The CNA and MA program costs (between $1,500 – $15,000) are out of reach for many aspiring candidates. Funds can also be donated to students and employees of partner organizations, including hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing, and home health facilities, who then receive qualified medical professionals.  

Students of IHG Education Foundation have demonstrated a very high 90-100% state exam pass rate. The Foundation also collaborates with diverse organizations that support students for completing clinical externships and recruitment post completion of the programs. The IHG Education Foundation is committed to its aim of nurturing healthcare graduates who go on to serve and take care of elderly patients and seniors at medical facilities across San Diego.


International Health Group has been the leading provider of Medical Assistant programs including CNA and HHA training throughout San Diego County since 2006. With students with a proven high record of 90-100% state exam passing rate, we provide assistance to our students with career preparation courses whose teachings go beyond just resume and interview skills required to make a career in nursing.

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For more information, please visit: https://ihgeducationfoundation.org

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