San Antonio Paintless Dent Repair Executed Easily and Affordably by Dent Dawg

For more than 20 years, Dent Dawg has removed dents and dings from vehicles in San Antonio. It guarantees customer satisfaction and does a reliable job at great rates.

According to Dent Dawg and Chris Coker’s announcements, this business is the top-rated San Antonio paintless dent repair (PDR) service provider. It operates from two central locations – Sentinel and Alamo Downs.

Paintless Dent Repair done by Dent Dawg is a technique for repairing small dents on a vehicle without removing the paint. This is an inexpensive and quick technique to repair small and shallow dents that have not scraped the paint off. Paint damage needs to be addressed differently and must be done so as soon as possible.

Apart from dents and dings, PDR is an ideal solution for creases and hail damage. This is a job for qualified professionals. Hail leaves behind multiple dents, and each has to be repaired carefully to restore the pristine appearance of the vehicle. The roof, trunk, and hood are the most commonly affected parts during a hailstorm. Dent Dawg repairs vehicles damaged in hail.

The price of a paintless dent repair job depends on the dent’s location and depth, the condition of the paint in the affected area, the cause of the dent, and the support or braces behind the dent. Experienced dent repair specialists at Dent Dawg can inspect the dent on a vehicle and provide a free estimate.

Businesses rely on their fleets to ensure timely movement of men and materials. Hail damage to a fleet can be an expensive proposition. Dent Dawg is the most dependable and affordable paintless dent repair provider in San Antonio for fleet owners. It can create a repair schedule that works best for fleet owners.

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Chris Coker of Dent Dawg said, “Paintless dent repair, quite simply, it is just what the name says. We use a specialized set of tools and techniques to remove dents from a vehicle without paint, Bondo, or any chemicals that are harsh to the environment. We work on the backside of the metal and gently massage the dent back to its original state, all the while being cautious not to disturb the factory finish.

“Using Paintless Dent Repair instead of traditional body shop methods, you will not decrease your vehicle’s value. Once the damaged panel has been ground, sanded, and Bondo and paint applied, your vehicle has just lost value, no matter how great the repair looks. If the damage in question is a candidate for PDR, most body shops will call a qualified PDR company such as Dent Dawg to repair the damage. The body shops know what we know.”

On the difference between PDR and body shop repair, Coker said, “Time and cost are the main factors to consider when it comes to paintless dent repair versus body shop repair. Paintless dent repair is less-time consuming and less costly. It entails removing dings and dents using precise tools. Using precise tools, technicians reach inside doors, between panels, and behind fenders to push dents away and return metal panels to their original shape and position.

“Unlike body shop repair, paintless dent repair does not entail repainting and refinishing a vehicle. The original paint and finish remain intact. It’s also eco-friendly because no chemicals and fillers are used.”

About the Company:

For two decades, Dent Dawg has been the first choice for dent repairs in San Antonio, Texas. It specializes in paintless dent repair that is a quick and affordable alternative for small dents and dings. Its excellent workmanship is backed by sterling customer care for both retail and business clients.

The business is now open in two locations:

  1. Dent Dawg Sentinel, San Antonio

  2. Dent Dawg Alamo Downs Pkwy, San Antonio

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