Fitingo – Rocking AppStore Charts With the Help of AdQuantum and GamesBoost42

Fitingo - Rocking AppStore Charts With the Help of AdQuantum and GamesBoost42
Subscriptions increased by 163%, the number of app downloads increased up to 115%. That’s only a small part of the growth Fitingo experienced in 2021.

When it comes to real success for apps, the old adage of “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is completely relevant.

Take a look at Fitingo as an example: Fitingo is an iOS app in the Health & Fitness category. In January 2021, Fitingo needed the right people to help get their app in front of more eyeballs — way more.

Enter two very helpful companies (the ‘who’ you know in this success story). 

AdQuantum is a leader in Digital Marketing and Performance, and created the ambitious marketing plan Fitingo needed to generate a massive increase in downloads and sales.

Of course, effective ad programs need funding. And apps with a growing platform don’t always have the funding they need to access those marketing miracles.

Enter GamesBoost42. Not only was GamesBoost42 willing to fund the marketing campaign to really send Fitingo soaring, but they moved so fast that Fitingo had the funding they needed to scale their advertising campaigns and meet all their planned KPIs… within four business days!

Without AdQuantum, there would be no powerful marketing plan. And without GamesBoost42, there would be no funds to implement that marketing plan. 

The story gets better…

GamesBoost42 is heavily invested (pun intended) in helping products reach their goals through features, a unique analytics system, access to Market Intelligence, assistance with localization, legal, banking, and many other issues.

Thanks to them, Fitingo didn’t reach their goals in January 2021. They decimated their goals.

Subscriptions increased by 163%, the number of app downloads increased up to 115%, and the app reached #3 in the Health and Fitness category in the USA and #2 in the UK. Fitingo saw 700,000+ installations in the last month alone.

“Fitingo team, using, among other things, our boost, has really been able to make another New Year’s miracle happen. We literally watched in real-time as the numbers grew and the project took off.” – Andrey Postnikov, CBDO GamesBoost42 

This whole ‘who you know’ thing in this story was strategic. Since 2015, AdQuantum’s partners trusted them with a $400M budget which was spent with a stable positive ROI on revenue and profit share models of cooperation. Their work alongside GamesBoost42 was very intentional.

“AdQuantum chooses its partners carefully… Cooperation with Gamesboost42 can be rightfully called an example for the entire market… [and] allowed us to achieve impressive results.” – Nikita Skryabin, Head of UA AdQuantum

There are no statistics for how many excellent apps languish in obscurity because they don’t know the right people to help propel them to success. What we do know is that having the right partners — like GamesBoost42 and AdQuantum — are the key to the massive success that every app company dreams of.

“Without GamesBoost42, the result we got in January 2021 would simply not have been achievable… The partnership with GamesBoost42 not only allowed us to increase the volume of user engagement in a targeted manner, but also kept the advertising budget at the required level throughout the entire duration of the advertising campaigns.” – Pavel Maurus, CEO & Founder Fitingo 

One of the best things about knowing the right people is celebrating the success that working together creates. So, this ends up being another story with a very happy ending, thanks to a great product (Fitingo), a high-reaching marketing campaign (AdQuantum), and the super-fast provision of the funds needed to make success happen (GamesBoost42).

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