Austin Lewis Is Setting the Pace In ATM Automation

Austin Lewis Is Setting the Pace In ATM Automation

Like many young people at 16 years old, Austin Lewis was a teenager focused on going to the next big party and having the time of his life. However, underneath the youthful exuberance, he was also an individual who knew he wanted to do essential things in his life. 

The defining moment came when he had to make a hard choice between going to a fun-filled party with friends or creating a path for his future by attending a seminar for entrepreneurs. Trusting his instincts and the wise counsel of his mother, he chose the narrow path and participated in the workshop that would change the course of his life.

A week after the event, Austin took the next step to becoming an entrepreneur by buying a business with a $750 loan from his mother. Years rolled by, and after four years since starting his company, his monthly revenue was less than $1000 in a month.

Although very few people understood why he kept his barely profitable company open, he continued to work hard, gaining knowledge and experience from his interactions with others. Austin would be the first to admit that the dos and don’ts from working with other people in those formative years shaped him into the mentally, emotionally, and financially stable young man that he is today.

After four years, Austin finally has the needed knowledge to monetize a new venture better. He took a month-long break to set his current and future goals before launching himself into another business. Almost instantly, he started earning big, and in six months, he became a six-figure earner.

This new phase of his life sharpened his need for self-improvement and better planning to utilize his wealth best. To impact others while living out his personal goal, he established a golf cart limousine company in sunny Scottsdale and invested in an exotic car rental company.

Eventually, he outgrew the companies and created his brand, Alegacy Marketing. Utilizing his knowledge and experience, Austin and his team built the business into a six-figure company by growing individuals’ Instagram accounts with software.

In November 2018, Alegacy hit a roadblock as the service in Bali was shut down. Rather than rolling over and accepting defeat, Austin saw an opportunity to rebuild the company to be bigger and better, creating a more significant movement and had hundreds of affiliates, multiple employees, a new office, and more clients than ever.

On top of that, the serial entrepreneur was introduced to ATM automation, a service provided to those willing to earn a passive income every more with the added tax benefit. Unlike any traditional industry, ATM automation offers a 25-50℅ yearly return.

As he remains dedicated to building his empire, Austin’s primary audience is anyone willing to grow, get better, and adapt to the current times. People who want more and are interested in growing and being a part of something greater themselves.

In the coming years, Austin aims to expand his business into the data game as his ATM company merges with another in a multi-million dollar acquisition. He wants to encourage everyone to dare to dream and make their dream a reality.

To know more about Austin Lewis, visit his official website.

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