Addiction Rehab Toronto Offers Holistic Drug Rehab Treatment

Addiction Rehab Toronto (ART) specializes in holistic addiction rehab treatment.  ART’s Mission Statement is “Saving Lives…Reuniting Families”.  A study published in Science Daily in April 2020 that appeared in Psychology of Addiction Behaviours showed a holistic approach was best for nonmedical drug use. This method is called a multidimensional approach because it addresses challenges addiction causes to physical health, community support, living situation and mental health.  While at the same time treats the substance abuse.  This study reviewed 69 studies that used a singular or multidimensional approach.  It was found that addiction programs focusing on several lifestyle changes at the same time were the most affective.

“We try to bring about significant changes in lifestyle,” says the spokesperson for Addiction Rehab Toronto.  “If people can see that their life is changing for the better and is more manageable this helps to prevent relapsing back into old patterns.  It is a way out of the chaos.”

A blog post in the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) on July 27, 2019 states prevention and not just treatment needs to be focus of the Opioids drug addiction crisis.  Pain management and monitoring prescriptions to these drugs were seen as important steps to preventing this type of addiction.  By tackling the reasons behind why these drugs were being abused is also necessary to reduce their use.  The study showed that programs that supported families such as the middle school program PROSPER (PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience) helped prevent later drug use and changes in the brain from cortisol stressors that serves to predispose people for later drug use.  Students that were enrolled in the PROSPER program were 30% less like to use illegal drugs and 20% less like to abuse prescription drugs.

“For many people we see here once that change of motivation becomes focused on health choices they want to stay with those routines,” says the Spokesperson for ART.  “Even if they do slip back, they have already made changes and it doesn’t reflect who they are now.  We have Nutrition and health maintenance focuses and an Art and Music therapy that encourages self-expression in positive ways.”

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Addiction Rehab Toronto specializes in holistic treatment for addiction and offers 30, 60 and 90 day programs and a 1 year follow up support following treatment. Addiction Rehab Toronto has been verified by Psychology Today and ART has been voted one of the top three best rehab centre business in Toronto in 2021 by Three Rated Best® awards.

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