Chefs of Zsidai Gastronomy Group Prepare Hot, Restaurant-Quality Dishes in Sustainable Packaging

The restaurants of Zsidai Group, founded 40 years ago, have been providing home delivery for nearly a decade. But based on the feedback of its chefs and guests, when the restaurants’ hot food is brought to homes and offices across Budapest by way of a courier, they do not exude the same high-level quality that is savored in a Zsidai Group restaurant. This is not only because of the impersonal packaging concerns — although there have been developments in this area, highly unsustainable single-use plastics have long been the norm for food deliveries — but because a true gastronomic hospitality experience can only be enjoyed when there is a lively ambiance, attentive service, and a dazzling beverage list to accompany the food.

But dining out isn’t always realistic. Guests desire restaurant meals at home — not only during a pandemic but for those evenings when a night on the town is simply impossible. To ensure that this can happen, the skilled chefs at Zsidai Group have spent days fine-tuning the Zsidai Home concept, so that the locals’ favorite dishes from restaurants like 21 Hungarian Kitchen, Baltazár, Spíler, Pest-Buda Bistro, and Opera Café can be eaten at home.

With Zsidai Home, Zsidai Group chefs do all the prep work that goes into these dishes before they are transported to homes and offices in environmentally-friendly, vacuum-sealed packages that can stay fresh in the refrigerator for a week. Then, with the help of easy-to-follow instructions, customers simply finish making the meals in the oven or on the stovetop and then serve them on their well-loved porcelain. They might not be in an actual restaurant, but the hot, beautiful food certainly makes them feel like they are. Ultimately faster than traditional home delivery, incomparably higher in quality, and certainly more eco-conscious, Zsidai Home straddles the line between restaurant and home cooking.

“Zsidai Home is finally providing a solution to the challenge that has occupied the restaurant sector for so long: the decline in the quality of ready-to-eat food delivery. I am very proud of my colleagues that they remained equally motivated during the pandemic closures and embarked on this development with full gusto. After months of hard work, we were able to come up with a completely new product that truly allows for a home kitchen to recreate a restaurant experience,” says Roy Zsidai, head of Zsidai Group.

About the Zsidai Group:

With a history of almost 40 years, Zsidai Gastronomy Group is a responsible and sustainable family business that runs 15 restaurants, cafés, bars, and two smart luxury boutique hotels in Budapest and Marbella.

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