Two Red Spring Pilates Offers Easy Access to Studios at Affordable Rates for Pilates Classes Only in Melbourne, Victoria

Two Red Spring Pilates Offers Easy Access to Studios at Affordable Rates for Pilates Classes Only in Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne, Victoria – Two Red Springs Pilates is a 9-bed reformer pilates studio that offers community lessons, private and semi-private sessions seven days a week. Clients should be assured that their teachers are dynamic, classically educated, and clinically trained, with more than ten years of cumulative teaching experience. Reformer Pilates is an excellent way to get a healthy workout easy on the joints and encourages clients to exercise regularly. They welcome people of all fitness levels and do not need any prior experience.

Meet the client’s new home away from home! More than low-impact, full-body exercises are available at Two Red Springs Pilates. They provide a route to a more fulfilling life by providing various classes that challenge both the mind and the body. Equipment is designed to improve strength, agility, and stability in conjunction with the reformer-based community Pilates classes. The incredible teachers have more training hours in more disciplines than the industry average.  

Their classes are perfect for beginners who want to develop a solid Pilates base in a healthy and prosperous atmosphere and strive to help clients learn Pilates basics and get the most out of their workout as they progress while concentrating on shape and alignment. Their classes are also appropriate for all fitness levels and can be easily adjusted to accommodate those with physical disabilities. 

Their classes have different payment options starting with their single class pass, which is to be used within the first six months of purchase, the five, ten, and twenty pass pack valid for six months, and the five, ten, and twenty monthly passes which expire 30 days from the first class. Three, six, and 12-month memberships are available as well.

The company also offers Private 1:1 and 2:1 sessions, which are ideal for those looking for a more significant challenge, returning to exercise, pre/postnatal, unique health problems, or just getting started with Pilates. Clients are advised to check the studio’s availability on Mindbody, and if they cannot find a time that works for them, they can contact the studio and make the necessary arrangements. Moreover, If the client’s first appointment is for medical purposes or illnesses, they will be scheduled with their Nurse Practitioner for a more detailed health evaluation.

Their Private 2:1 classes are ideal for friends who want to do Pilates together. Clients are encouraged to contact the studio via email to schedule an appointment. This is a perfect choice for focusing on clear goals, making their weekly schedule, or just as a one-time thing! Sessions for medical purposes are also eligible for a $50 Medicare voucher.

Two Red Springs Pilates energizing and uplifting classes fully challenge the body and mind. They are moderate to fast-paced, with rapid transitions, and can introduce clients to more advanced exercises and equipment. 

Enjoy mind and body revitalization and Restoration only at Two Red Springs Pilates. They are located at 9E Anderson St, Pascoe Vale South. Contact them via phone at 0401 201 788 or visit their website for more information.

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