YOUA Group Announces Internal Team Restructuring For Global Expansion

Innovative investment group, YOUA Group, announces strategic restructuring in line with expansion plans to enter new territories

The YOUA Group has taken a huge step towards capturing new markets and dominating more territories as the group prepares for the post-corona era. In a related development, the group has put measures in place to bring more businesses in China and other parts of the world into the growing tech-driven payment industry. In a similar vein, the YOUA Group has announced the restructuring of the internal system, including the transfer of personnel across different departments. 

The emergence of innovative payment solutions backed by technology has changed the way businesses operate and transact with their customers. Unfortunately, several businesses in different parts of the world are yet to embrace the system to enhance their processes. However, the YOUA Group looks ready to change this narrative, with the recent expansion plans substantiating this claim. 

In one of the major restructuring in the group, Joanna, a well-known nephew of the wuliangye group’s chairman recently stepped down from the management front due to health reasons. Han Il-nam, vice chairman of Korea has been subsequently promoted to chairman of the YOUA group. 

The group has also attracted several reputable global investors and leaders, with the names to be made public in due time. The YOUA Group has decided to sell or merge various real businesses, with plans to transform itself into an investment group as it reorganizes its business around financial investment, and entertainment businesses. 

YOUA Group plans to change its F-franchise business, which was operated under the strategy of FINE, into a finance business division, ultimately turning it into an investment company. YOUA Group will be changed to YOUA Holdings, I-IT Exchange Business (Coinism), N – NEW Business Incubation (Golden Cross Infitini), and E Entertainment (Kplay Contents) with investment in Gangnam Station. 

The restructuring will also lead to the holding’s headquarters in Hong Kong being moved to the Caymen Islands, the same location as Alibaba Holdings, as it prepares to enter NASDAQ through the listing of SPAC. Other real businesses in China will also be sold and liquidated while the rest is moved to South Korea and the U.S. to be reorganized into fintech businesses. 

The recent moves by the YOUA group might be related to the increasing popularity and acceptance of new payment solutions worldwide. 

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