Crafting Divinity with Soulful and Stunning Progressive Rock Compositions: Presenting to the World Enki Thing

Crafting Divinity with Soulful and Stunning Progressive Rock Compositions: Presenting to the World Enki Thing
Imbuing stunning and Soulful and Progressive Rock compositions with a memorable artistic feel and striking lyrics, Enki Thing are on the route to becoming the next best thing to come out of the genre.

Budding singers, songwriters and musicians, Enki Thing are a true and authentic powerhouse of talent when it comes to Progressive Rock and Rock music. The band of 4 musicians who describe themselves as “musiconauts” are tuned and ready to release stunning singles that solidify their rightful place in the Rock genre.

Inspired by icons and legends of Rock music throughout their journey, Enki Thing are a splendid musical act who has climbed the ropes of trials and tribulations and have been able to succeed through the tests of growth in a cut-throat environment. After numerous troubles and hardships, Enki Thing successfully released their stunning album titled “Divinity” which is an independently created authentic masterpiece. The group has also been part of other collaborative work, having created more than 30 singles and tracks as part of their 3 albums, and are intending to get signed on a label for production of future releases.

The group’s unique and splendid release titled “Divinity” is an album that highlights the best of their musical prowess and lyrical strength. Having released on 21st January 2021, the album exudes major authentic 70’s and 80’s Rock music vibes and has already been met with great reviews by listeners of Enki Thing’s music and critics. The group has already put out 4 singles to complement the album, which fully represent their finest musical talents and strong and soulful Rock music. All 4 singles are already up on all music platforms including YouTube and Spotify. Enki Thing has also put out a stunning music video for the single “Venus Huracan” which has already been receiving numerous views.


Up-and-coming singers and songwriters, Enki Thing met 3 years ago with the intention to create music that is not binary but is one that forms the crossroads and cosmos of Rock and Progressive Rock music. Exploring enigmatic and stunning themes of freedom and life through their soulful and stirring musical compositions, Enki Thing is on the path towards success, improving and adapting their musical styles and beats with time.

The band wishes to make sure that Rock bands and Rock music is put once again on the map and is signed by major labels. They regret the waning significance of Rock music due to the rising influences of Hip Hop and mainstream Pop and wish to revolutionize the genre with Rock music that is memorable and exciting for all. With their new album “Divinity” the group intends to make sure that their music tells a story and creates magic with every unique and iconic single that they put out.



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